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Opinion: We have a common responsibility to fight anti-refugee rhetoric - UNHCR Canada
Powerful story of healing. #Canada host of #Vietnamese #refugee now sponsoring #Syrian refugee. Rare story of empathy for fear-driven suspicion of refugees
19eyz  bullsi  refugee  canada  pointofview  exceptional  story  vietnam  syria  empathy  politics  fear  security  job  host  relationship  economy  community 
5 days ago by csrollyson
RT : Don't be left out in the cold ☃️

Get an ICY WHITE Card ❄️. Reserve the card for everyday use 🙂 👉 the…
exceptional  from twitter
9 days ago by treaclesushi2017
Why Understanding our Food Systems Matters - Community Dining
Delightfully human: #Sustainable #farming pioneer invites us to question megafood practices that most of us follow without being aware of our choices
sustainability  farm  food  table  community  pointofview  economy  pioneer  grocery  exceptional  local  customer  farmer  ecosystem 
14 days ago by csrollyson
The Lifecycle of a Washing Machine: Transforming the Customer Experience for a Home Appliance Manufacturer | Doblin
Doblin #customer #experience research for global white goods brand: [conclusions] "#socialmedia #analysis can be used to determine & uncover an incredibly wide range of research questions and help determine and prioritize the most useful next steps."
customer  experience  digital  anthropology  appliance  home  product  washing  machine  2017  social  media  journey  map  brand  doblin  deloitte  bullsi  exceptional  csr19 
16 days ago by csrollyson
A Meditation on Self-Recovery – Praxis Center
Exceptionally powerful story of sexual abuse within the family (very emotional)
sexuality  abuse  family  story  poetry  exceptional  kzoo  immigration  generation  emotion  19 
20 days ago by csrollyson
How to Pick the Best Customer Journey Analytics Platform for You
Yes, a pitch for their platform but head/shoulders above most other posts. Enterprise viewpoint, uses true analytics to inform #customer #journey #map creation & optimization
customer  experience  journey  map  persona  enterprise  software  platform  vendor  analytics  exceptional  organization  data  marketing  automation  comparison  analysis  reference  bullsi  example  image  IT  csr19 
21 days ago by csrollyson
How to Conduct Research for Customer Journey Mapping
Exceptional how-to guide for conducting qualitative customer experience research, supplemented with quantitative + links #journey #map #CX
customer  experience  journey  map  research  method  comparison  qualitative  quantitative  survey  interview  social  sentiment  analysis  howto  reference  exceptional  field  study  analytics  csr19 
22 days ago by csrollyson
Enjoying the Process of Home Cooking | EWG
Fantastic helpful post on intelligent cooking and design.
cooking  science  efficiency  joy  howto  exceptional  research  design 
5 weeks ago by csrollyson
MY CANCER JOURNEY - arlenecotter.com
Must-see very unusual emotional account of NHL treatment cancer journey
sh1  ws2  ws3  NHL  journey  surprise  exceptional  bullsi  death  family  friend  transplant  allogenic  2ndline  18sbx 
5 weeks ago by csrollyson
Three Months with Cancer: Love, Ideas and Vulnerability
Very frank, vulnerable account of his emotions during NHL treatment, and the role of mission in his recovery [no CAR-T though]
sh1  nhl  love  relationship  advocacy  suicide  highschool  mission  church  politics  exceptional  bullsi  18sbx 
5 weeks ago by csrollyson
The Chemo Years | My cancer journey
Exceptional humor, humanity and detail about her cancer journey (no CAR-T)
sh1  blog  bullsi  exceptional  brother  family  allogenic  transplant  advocacy  18sbx 
5 weeks ago by csrollyson
The October Man - Wikipedia
Guilt-ridden man struggles with believing in his own goodness, supported by a true love while being hounded by police
uk  noir  exceptional  murder  train  brain  hospital  love  boarding  house  london 
6 weeks ago by csrollyson
How an Olympic Hopeful Robbed 26 Banks on His Bike
Exceptional story about a cyclist bank robber who gave the money to homeless, and rode on a custom frame
exceptional  cycling  olympics  chicago  libertyville  story  bank  robbery  California  illinois  bike  custom  oakland  mexico  crack  homeless  university 
6 weeks ago by csrollyson

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