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Android Strict Mode Selective Code Suppression – Medium
After looking at Android Strict Mode documentation, I turn on detectAll() at the beginning of Application onCreate() Not sure if this is a Samsung thingy… Perhaps (I tried on Nexus 6P later, and this…
strictmode  android  configuration  exception  elye 
5 days ago by lgtout
Square Island: TransactionTooLargeException crashes on Nougat
Sample code to find the size that triggers TransactionTooLargeException
TransactionTooLargeException  android  exception 
12 days ago by lgtout
Exceptions? No, just Try them off! – SoftwareMill Tech Blog
There are various ways of handling exceptions. Here is how you can control them in Java with some help of an external library.
java  exception  option  replacement  try  monad 
20 days ago by gilberto5757
Go’s Errors vs Exceptions – Henri Koski – Medium
There are already so many articles about Go’s error handling so why write yet another one? Well I would like to show why I prefer returning errors over throwing exceptions in production grade code…
golang  error  exception  article  intro 
22 days ago by gilberto5757
C Compile-Time Exceptions – Netherlands eScience Center
A C template error can be pages long, really dense and basically horrible. To be far more productive to their users, I propose allowing the developer to implement custom compiler errors.
c  compiler  exception  proposal  template  debugging 
26 days ago by gilberto5757

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