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When acceptance tests are better than unit tests – Jon Kruger
I think all this confusion in the industry comes from way back when automation was mostly possible only for unit-test, thus emphasis fall on unit-test. And it made sense to limit acceptance or integration tests because they were mostly manual or very hard to setup.
But, these days there are techniques to automate acceptance test and overcome integration tests limitations (hardware and network dependencies) so writing more acceptance tests make sense and you are absolutely right I think, this will bring down the need to write unit-tests for everything.
And there’s more! We can also redefine the concept of TDD to move away from the focus only on unit-tests.
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11 days ago by negril
aneas | Fic: The Love Of My Fucking Life.
Summary: Kris feels like he should say something, something meaningful, that can sum up their relationship: beautiful parting words maybe, or even cruel ones, but something better than this horrible silence that stretches between them.

It’s no use. He’s always been shit at meaningfulness. With enough time, Kris usually comes up with profound, moving things. With enough time and distance, he even turns those things into songs.

Right now, looking at Adam, all he can come with is: `How did we let it end like this, so dreadful, so empty? When did we stop being enough for each other?´
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17 days ago by mass_hipgnosis

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