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Import Quicken QFX files into Excel - Lonnie West
Let me guess: You are searching for a way to import QFX (typically used for financial programs like Quicken, QuickBooks, or Microsoft Money) into Excel, but have been frustrated because the only thing you seem to find is websites telling you to pay for a utility to do this conversion for you.

Well, I have good news: you can do this very easily yourself. It will cost you nothing, and you don’t need anything other than what is already on your computer.
money  Quicken  Excel  bank 
yesterday by Quercki
Access Microsoft Excel from Java the low-budget way
There are numerous ways to work with Excel Spreadsheets in Java. Apache POI looks like the way to go but if your spreadsheet contains complex formulas, cross-references and all this fancy stuff, you…
java  microsoftoffice  excel  spreadsheet  access  scripting  howto 
2 days ago by gilberto5757
vba - How to automatically hide rows in excel - Stack Overflow
Sub button_click()
Dim i as integer
For i = 18 to 46
If Activesheet.Range("F" & i) = 0 Then
Activesheet.Range("F" & i).entireRow.Hidden = True
Activesheet.Range("F" & i).entireRow.Hidden = False
End If
Next i
End Sub
work  excel  opsreview  hiding_rows 
8 days ago by yarngeek
Zzoom Forward: How To Remove A Text Box or any unselectable object from Excel 2003/2007
How To Remove A Text Box or any unselectable object from Excel 2003/2007
We need to activate Design Mode where all objects are selectable:

Tools > Customize > Toolbars : Tick "Exit Design Mode"

(Although Excel 2003 calls the button "Exit Design Mode" it is in fact a toggle switch for Design Mode. I suggest attaching the new small (only one icon!) toolbar to the Excel menus.)

You can now toggle between design mode on and off by clicking the Design Mode icon.

With Design Mode on, select the object you wish to delete (in this case the text box) and delete it...
Switch off Design Mode again.  Optionally remove "Exit Design Mode" toolbar from Excel.
8 days ago by Chirael
XL-Connector (formerly Enabler4Excel) - Taralex LLC - AppExchange
A Microsoft Excel Connector that enables mass updates, inserts, deletes, merges, and Lead conversion.
Excel  salesforce  resources 
8 days ago by jasonsamuels
Fetch data from Excel file using Java Spring Web application
To read the input data of our Spring Batch job from an Excel document, at first we need to add the following dependency declarations into our build script: This is a Spring Batch extension that provides ItemReader implementations for Excel. We can get the required jar file by building it from the source.
java  excel  xlsx  file  reading  document  howto 
8 days ago by gilberto5757
Is there an Excel 2010 equivalent for FORMULATEXT?
Function FT(mycell As Range) FT = mycell.Formula End Function
8 days ago by ienhienly

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