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The Absurdly Underestimated Dangers of CSV Injection
I’ve been doing the local usergroup circuit with this lately and have been asked to write it up.

In some ways this is old news, but in other ways…well, I think few realize how absolutely devastating and omnipresent this vulnerability can be. It is an attack vector available in every application I’ve ever seen that takes user input and allows administrators to bulk export to CSV.

That is just about every application.

Edit: Credit where due, I’ve been pointed to this article from 2014 by an actual security pro which discusses some of these vectors. And another one.

So let’s set the scene - imagine a time or ticket tracking app. Users enter their time (or tickets) but cannot view those of other users. A site administrator then comes along and exports entries to a csv file, opening it up in a spreadsheet application. Pretty standard stuff.
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