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CodyHouse | Components
Design system components and UI controls
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yesterday by mycotn
How the Gilets jaunes movement could spread across Europe | Coffee House
A left-wing think-tank, Terra Nova, advised them to forsake the white working-class for well-educated metropolitans and ethnic minorities. “The France of tomorrow is above all united by cultural and progressive values,”
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yesterday by wilsong
Onboarding in augmented reality mobile application – Inborn Experience (UX in AR/VR) – Medium
Onboarding in augmented reality mobile application

Volodymyr KurbatovFollow
Dec 11, 2017
Cases study of all ARKit apps on App Store. Almost all.
After releasing ARKit, amount of augmented reality applications in App Store started growing exponentially. Before on App Store were tens of apps that were more or less useful. Now there are a lot of applications that are great and even more of them useless. An amount of new user growing respectively.
Using first time application with augmented reality is so exciting and obscure that it’s tough for the first-time user to understand and get value. There is some learning curve. With current best practices, gestures and interactions are natural and intuitive. The only thing that left for creators of AR apps only use them. We should try to make onboarding process as maximum flawless.
To find out for myself basic steps and main pain points I tested a massive amount of AR applications from App Store. Some of them are awful. Some of them are so great that I kept them on my home screen. Some of them I was not even able to get started.
After realizing how bad, and bumpy can be onboarding process for new users, I decided to prepare a case study of every step. After defining best practices, we’ll have a chance to focus more on apps and be sure that our users will understand and figure out how to use AR.
I added here tons of screenshots. Some of them show good approaches. Some of them are bad examples. I don’t want to promote, or slander particular developers or apps. Even if one onboarding step isn’t right, the app can be great, or vice versa. So I’m not going to mention here names of apps and will not include links to App Store.
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3 days ago by gwippich
Book cover - SVG text + Writing Mode
Nifty example of SVG used to create a book cover image with live type, vertical writing modes (for spine text), etc.
responsive-design  svg  examples  bookcovers 
4 days ago by abberdab

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