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Sports Giant Decathlon Leaks 123 Million Records - Infosecurity Magazine
A team at vpnMentor uncovered the 9GB database on an unsecured Elasticsearch server. It contained information from Decathlon’s Spanish, and potentially also its UK, businesses.
Spain  UK  databreach  Decathlon  example  security 
3 hours ago by corrickwales
[Tutorial] Show RPI's Temperature with a command. - Raspberry Pi Forums
A #1: [...] So i decided to make a quick Tutorial on how to show the Raspberry PI's Temperature.
Note: this is using the on-board sensor.

The command to do this is:

$ /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp


A #2: An alternative is to read /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp on a recent Raspdian. Divide it by 1000 for degrees C.

$ cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp
2013  raspberrypi  cli  tool  tips  example  forumthread  hardwaresupport  linux  links 
23 hours ago by ezequiel
Raspberry Pi Documentation
vcgencmd is a command line utility that can get various pieces of information from the VideoCore GPU on the Raspberry Pi. Much of the information available is only of use to Raspberry Pi engineers, but there are a number of very useful options available to end users that will be described here.
cli  tool  raspberrypi  hardwaresupport  gpu  linux  debian  sysadmin  documentation  reference  example 
yesterday by ezequiel
apt - How do I find the reverse dependency of a package? - Ask Ubuntu
Q: I was wondering if it was possible to check what package another package is a dependency of. [...]

A: You can use apt-cache rdepends --installed jetty to see what depends on jetty. [...]
2010  2019  apt  packagemanager  cli  tool  example  sysadmin  forumthread  stackexchange  links  linux  debian  ubuntu  mint 
yesterday by ezequiel
The GPIO utility | Wiring Pi
WiringPi comes with a separate program to help manage the on-board GPIO interface as well as additional modules such as the PiFace and other devices like the Gertboard as well as generic GPIO expander type devices.
raspberrypi  development  electronics  hardwaresupport  manpage  documentation  raspbian  linux  example  cli  tool  sysadmin 
yesterday by ezequiel
FAQ · tmux/tmux Wiki · GitHub
PLEASE NOTE: most display problems are due to incorrect TERM! Before
reporting problems make SURE that TERM settings are correct inside and
outside tmux.
tmux  faq  tips  example  configuration  terminal  issue  textui  curses  linux  unix  wikientry  github 
yesterday by ezequiel
Contribute to shaftoe/api-gateway-lambda-cdk-example development by creating an account on GitHub.
aws  cdk  example  makefile 
2 days ago by alexpbrown
Using proxy · ValdikSS/aceproxy Wiki
So you have installed AceProxy, what's next?

AceProxy can work with torrents, acelive files and Ace Stream CIDs (40-digit ID).

AceProxy supports plugins. Currently, there are plugins for torrent-tv.ru and torrent-telik.com. All plugins are stored in plugins folder.
acestream  proxy  configuration  example  tips  wikientry  documentation  cli  github 
2 days ago by ezequiel
Raspberry Pi Documentation
In the vast majority of cases, simply plugging your HDMI-equipped monitor into the Raspberry Pi using a standard HDMI cable will automatically lead to the Pi using the best resolution the monitor supports. The Raspberry Pi Zero uses a mini HDMI port, so you will need a mini-HDMI-to-full-size-HDMI lead or adapter. On the Raspberry Pi 4 there are two micro HDMI ports, so you will need either one or two micro-HDMI-to-full-size-HDMI leads or adapters, depending on how many displays you wish to attach. You should connect any HDMI leads before turning on the Raspberry Pi.
raspberrypi  hardware  hardwaresupport  configuration  sysadmin  booting  linux  raspbian  documentation  example  links 
2 days ago by ezequiel
How to Write Usefully | Paul Graham
I both like and dislike Paul Graham's writing. I like that it tends to measure highly on all four axes he describes (novelty, correctness, importance, and strength). I dislike how typically self-contained it is: lacking connections to evocative people, places, or things outside a certain constrained area of interest. The ideas are broad, bold, and actionable, but I think we differ somewhat in what we care about. Which, in the end, is no criticism at all, but a slant-wise appreciation.
essay  writing  howto  advice  example 
4 days ago by dogrover

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