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The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America - The Verge
In a damning new report, Casey Newton gives an unprecedented look at the day-to-day lives of Facebook moderators in America. His interviews with twelve current and former employees of Cognizant in Arizona reveal a workplace perpetually teetering on the brink of chaos.
facebook  ex_nihilio  netpolicynotes  mental_health  cognizant  casey_newton 
26 days ago by mreinbold
Dropgangs, or the future of darknet markets • Opaque Link
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Dropgangs, or the future of dark markets The Internet is full of commercial activity and it should come at no surprise that even illegal commercial activity is widespread as well. In this article we would like to describe the current developments - from where we came, where we are now, and where it might be going - when it comes to technologies used for digital black market activity.
dropgangs  cryptocurrency  darknet  ex_nihilio  crime 
4 weeks ago by mreinbold
Network Propaganda: Manipulation, Disinformation, and Radicalization in American Politics - Oxford Scholarship
This book examines the shape, composition, and practices of the United States political media landscape. It explores the roots of the current epistemic crisis in political communication with a focus on the remarkable 2016 U.S. president election culminating in the victory of Donald Trump and the first year of his presidency. The authors present a detailed map of the American political media landscape based on the analysis of millions of stories and social media posts, revealing a hig...
yochai_benkler  robert_farris  hal_roberts  russia  books  netpolicynotes  journalism  donald_trump  social_media  ex_nihilio  propoganda 
november 2018 by mreinbold
Media Manipulation, Strategic Amplification, and Responsible Journalism
This is a crib of a talk that Data & Society Founder and President danah boyd gave at the Online News Association conference in Austin, Texas on September 13, 2018. For a video of the talk, click…
danah_boyd  journalism  facebook  twitter  social_media  ex_nihilio  information_warfare  netpolicynotes 
september 2018 by mreinbold
New Strategies for Securing Our Private Lives - Lawfare
If the media is understandably going to publish newsworthy stuff, regardless of its provenance, and people are going to continue to use email and other communications that leave a record, what should be done to mitigate risk?
johnathan_zittrain  ex_nihilio  security  privacy  netpolicynotes 
august 2018 by mreinbold
Russian Influence Campaign Sought To Exploit Americans' Trust In Local News : NPR
Russian influence-mongers appear to have created a number of fake local news Twitter accounts — and spent years posting real headlines.
tim_mak  russia  ex_nihilio  journalism  fakenews 
july 2018 by mreinbold
The Messy Fourth Estate – Trust Issues – Medium
For the second time in a week, my phone buzzed with a New York Times alert, notifying me that another celebrity had died by suicide. My heart sank. I tuned into the Crisis Text Line Slack channel to…
danah_boyd  journalism  politics  advertising  marketing  ex_nihilio 
june 2018 by mreinbold
Facebook Building 8 explored data sharing agreement with hospitals
Facebook's Building 8 team approached top hospitals about a data-sharing agreement, but the plan has been put on pause after the Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal.
facebook  christina_farr  ex_nihilio  netpolicynotes 
april 2018 by mreinbold

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