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So there is actually ACD canon of this time that Sherlock was undercover and got engaged to some girl in order to get information. John was appalled and Sherlock was like "oh, but there's some other guy who is after her too and he'll swoop in as soon as I blink, so it's okay." So.... what if Sherlock actually did this in BBC canon, before he met John. And it worked out just like he thought it would, so he never gave it another thought. But one day he and John are out and they into his "ex-fiancee" who is now married to her other boyfriend. <br />
So John imagines that Sherlock doesn't do relationships because his heart got broken and Sherlock doesn't know how to explain the truth, because fake proposals and manipulating people's emotions are A BIT NOT GOOD. But now John thinks he's straight, and still in love with this random lady, and it's totally ruining the progression towards something more than friendship that was slowly happening between them...
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february 2011 by sherlockbbcfic

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