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Tweet de Rafik Smati (@RafikSmati)
La robotique progresse. Ils sont encore lents et hésitants sous cette forme, mais font des sauts périlleux...
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yesterday by fschoubben
Introducing Nullable Reference Types in C#
A good story of evolving a language to add a useful feature in the face of a large install base. A thoughtful approach to adding this feature.
csharp  programming  software  evolution 
yesterday by jefframnani
Tweet de Futurism (@futurism)
Une oreillette pour traduire automatiquement les langues étrangères
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2 days ago by fschoubben
Entering the Quantum Era—How Firefox got fast again and where it’s going to get faster – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Another great story about how to evolve a large existing code base with a large user base.

This is the opportunity that the Chrome engineers foresaw. We saw it too, but we had a bumpier path to get there. Since we had an existing code base we needed to plan for how to split up that code base to take advantage of multiple cores.

Electrolysis laid the groundwork for Project Quantum. It introduced a kind of multi-process architecture similar to the one that Chrome introduced. Because it was such a big change, we introduced it slowly, testing it with small groups of users starting in 2016 before rolling it out to all Firefox users in mid-2017.

File under: browsers are becoming operating systems. In this case Firefox is adding their own preemptive scheduler to prioritize tasks.

Even when you split up the content windows between cores and have a separate main thread for each one, there are still a lot of tasks that main thread needs to do. And some of them are more important than others. For example, responding to a keypress is more important than running garbage collection. Quantum DOM gives us a way to prioritize these tasks. This makes Firefox more responsive. Most of this work has landed, but we still plan to take this further with something called pre-emptive scheduling.
firefox  browser  refactoring  performance  software  evolution 
3 days ago by jefframnani
What We Can Learn from the Common Goal of a Football Team
“Getting the mind right, and getting them to understand and care for each other and take ownership of each other, that’s crucial,” said Jimbo Fisher in 2010 when he took over for Bobby Bowden, the winningest Division I college football coach of all-time. Fisher was referring to his process of coaching the players. Right from the start he made teamwork an emphasis, and chose players that understood the value of working with one another not as individuals waiting for their NFL draft pick.

Key to the team’s recent success is Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winston. Both his coaches and teammates have lauded him for his unshakable commitment to the team. Jimbo Fisher has said that Winston has a tremendous, “drive for teamwork and winning, ultimately not being an individual guy.” With Jimbo Fisher and Jameis Winston in leadership roles it comes as no surprise that the FSU football team was able to achieve a 14-0 season and win the BCS national championship last year.
Passions  reasoning  groupwork  Groups  Psychology  evolution 
4 days ago by Jibarosoy
Homophily - Wikipedia
Not to be confused with Homophile . Homophily from Ancient Greek ὁμοῦ (homou, “together”) and Greek φιλία (philia, "friendship") is the tendency of individuals…
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4 days ago by asaltydog

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