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Frans de Waal | Speaker | TED
Dutch/American biologist and ethologist Frans de Waal draws parallels between primate and human behavior, from peacemaking and morality to culture.
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Review: Mother Nature, by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy - The Globe and Mail
Sarah Blaffer Hrdy strides into the minefield, examining motherhood across cultures, historical periods, evolutionary tracts and biological species to better understand human maternity. Hrdy's book resides in that rare space between academic disciplines -- a professor emerita at the University of California-Davis, she has been schooled in anthropology, primatology, evolutionary theory, history and feminism -- and her work can be situated somewhere between specialist treatise and popular biological science. Hrdy's unique placement enables her to combine the best of Darwinian evolutionary biology with feminist cultural theory, without falling into the political entrapments of either camp.
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How to Really Eat Like a Hunter-Gatherer: Why the Paleo Diet Is Half-Baked [Interactive & Infographic] - Scientific American
Several examples of recent and relatively speedy human evolution underscore that our anatomy and genetics have not been set in stone since the stone age. Within a span of 7,000 years, for instance, people adapted to eating dairy by developing lactose tolerance. Usually, the gene encoding an enzyme named lactase—which breaks down lactose sugars in milk—shuts down after infancy; when dairy became prevalent, many people evolved a mutation that kept the gene turned on throughout life. Likewise, the genetic mutation responsible for blue eyes likely arose between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago. And in regions where malaria is common, natural selection has modified people's immune systems and red blood cells in ways that help them resist the mosquito-borne disease; some of these genetic mutations appeared within the last 10,000 or even 5,000 years.
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Watch a single cell become a complete organism in six pulsing minutes of timelapse | Aeon Videos
Native to central and southern Europe, the amphibious alpine newt breeds in shallow water, where its larvae are born, hatch and feed on plankton, before sprouting legs and moving to land. This timelapse video from the Dutch director Jan van IJken tracks the development of a single-celled zygote into the hatched larva of an alpine newt. Captured in stunning detail at microscopic scales, Becoming is a remarkable look at the process of cell division and differentiation, whence all anima...
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(509) Neuroscientist: Why Trumpists Will Never Abandon Trump - YouTube
Neuroscientist: Why Trumpists Will Never Abandon Trump
- cult of personality
- cognitive dissonance
- fear, "Denial of Death" Book / Martha Nussbaum book on fear
awareness of own mortality. Ease fear of death by world view through ideologies (that outlive the individual)
- thus strengthens your world view, ideology
- immigration attacks existence and place in history ("we will not erase us")
- Trump exaggerating threats, heightens fear, and existencial threat (and felt place in history) thus strengthens grip onto ideology and world view 'I will not erased.'
- Donald Trumps communication is more engaging.
- Conservatives are more hyper-vigilant (tuned in to threats)
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