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Les cinq métiers qui auront le vent en poupe en 2018
L'IA ne supprime pas tous les emplois, elle permet même d'en créer... Choisissez bien vos études :-)
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A Genetic Oddity May Give Octopuses and Squids Their Smarts - The New York Times
They found that coleoids have tens of thousands of so-called recoding sites, where RNA editing results in a protein different from what was initially encoded by DNA. When they applied the same methods to two less sophisticated mollusks — a nautilus and a sea slug — they found that RNA editing levels were orders of magnitude lower.
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2 days ago by casfindad
Some birds are so stressed by noise pollution it looks like they have PTSD - The Washington Post
"In previous studies, he has reported that noise can restructure entire communities — prompting birds to alter the pitch of their songs, shifting demographics toward more noise-tolerant species, even changing the distribution of plants based on what birds remain."
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4 days ago by kevan
Hawk versus Dove. | Learn Science at Scitable
Hawk versus Dove.
The general payoff matrix for the ‘hawk vs. dove’ game (a). The payoffs are for player 1 employing the strategies in the rows against player 2 employing the strategy in the columns. The symbol B represents the benefit of acquiring the resource, and the symbol C is the cost of combative interaction. In the upper left quadrant, an encounter of hawk-vs.-hawk, the payoff to player 1 is ½ the benefit minus the cost, and assumes an equal payoff for both hawks. A hawk encountering a dove obtains the entirety of the benefit, while the dove receives none, as shown in the upper right and lower left quadrant, respectively. If both players adopt the dove strategy, the mutual payoff is the highest, with both players evenly dividing the benefit without cost of conflict (bottom right quadrant). Shown in (b) are the values of the benefit (4) and the cost of combat (3) used for the simulation for a population of 1000 individuals (c). Although the highest mutual payoff occurs when both players are doves, the dove strategy is not an evolutionary stable strategy. The hawk strategy will invade and displace the dove strategy in a population even if the initial number of hawks is very low relative to the doves if the cost of the combat does not exceed the reward of the benefit. The likelihood of a dove encountering a hawk is initially very low, but as hawks increase in number, that likelihood increases. The population-level outcome at any encounter depends on the population makeup resulting from previous encounters.
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