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Words have soul: on the Romantic theory of language origin | Aeon Essays
"[L]anguage is one of those phenomena that arose when human beings engaged with life not so as to survive but so as to participate in the great rush of it that they felt teeming around them. Human beings do not live on bread alone."
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yesterday by aparrish
Mammals cannot evolve fast enough to escape current extinction crisis -- ScienceDaily
The sixth mass extinction is underway, this time caused by humans. A team of researchers have calculated that species are dying out so quickly that nature's built-in defense mechanism, evolution, cannot keep up. If current conservation efforts are not improved, so many mammal species will become extinct during the next five decades that nature will need 3-5 million years to recover to current biodiversity levels. And that's a best-case scenario.
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2 days ago by jchris
How our autistic ancestors played an important role in human evolution
Autismus als evolutionärer Vorteil. Ich sehe mich selbst auch so bisschen auf dem Spektrum, bin also hiermit offiziell wissenschaftlich geprüfter Evolutionstreiber (so bisschen).

Link: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/autistic-ancestors-human-evolution-science-archaeology-genetics-a7655671.html
Many people with autism have exceptional memory skills, heightened perception in realms of vision, taste and smell and in some contexts, an enhanced understanding of natural systems such as animal behaviour. And the incorporation of some of these skills into a community would have played a vital role in the development of specialists. It is very likely these specialists would then have become vitally important for the survival of the group.

One anthropological study of reindeer herders said: “The extraordinary old grandfather had a detailed knowledge of the parentage, medical history and moods of each one of the 2,600 animals in the herd. He was more comfortable in the company of reindeer than of humans, and always pitched his tent some way from everyone else and cooked for himself. His son worked in the herd and had been joined for the summer by his own teenage sons, Zhenya and young Sergei.”

Further evidence can be found in traits shared between some cave art and talented autistic artists – such as those paintings found in the Chauvet Cave, in southern France. This contains some of the best preserved figurative cave paintings in the world.
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4 days ago by walt74
Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger? | David Epstein
Wow. Athletic performance is driven by economic selection and technology _around_ the sport (like track surfaces and aerodynamic bicycles). Eye opening.
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5 days ago by jefframnani
Evolutionary origin of religions - Wikipedia
Lewis Wolpert argues that causal beliefs that emerged from tool use played a major role in the evolution of belief. The manufacture of complex tools requires creating a mental image of an object which does not exist naturally before actually making the artifact. Furthermore, one must understand how the tool would be used, that requires an understanding of causality.[17] Accordingly, the level of sophistication of stone tools is a useful indicator of causal beliefs.[18]
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5 days ago by imaginaryfriend
Sorry Vegans: Here's How Meat-Eating Made Us Human | Time
If you want a big brain, you'll need more than vegetables
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6 days ago by pankkake

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