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Vanderbilt grads' Everly drink mix hits bigger shelves
Everly works with a Zambia-based nonprofit, ColaLife, and for every box the consumer buys, the company takes part of the proceeds to subsidize the production of the rehydration salts. ColaLife uses the same networks as Coca-Cola, which allows the nonprofit to distribute salts to rural areas. So far, Everly has helped provide 128,000 oral rehydration packets.
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Phil (left) and Don Everly of the Everly Brothers – CMT.com
CMT.comThat’s the way Paul Simon described it in 2004 when he wrote an essay about Phil and Don Everly for Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 100 greatest artists. In all that’s been written and said following Friday’s (Jan. 3) death of Phil Everly at age 74, Simon’s …Everly Brothers’ voices blended perfectly, but their […]
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