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🏅App of the Week🏅 AR Runner Makes You Break A Sweat While Having Fun
AR Runner
Augmented Reality Sports Game
AR Runner is an app that encourages you to break a sweat by placing virtual checkpoints into your location.
**  Your  body  will  eventually  thank  you  for  all  the  walking_  running_  and  punching  you  do  during  gameplay. 
5 weeks ago by matzner
How ATMAMUN Will Awaken You To The Glory Of Existence - Siddha Performance
His existence is such that he lives his entire day within a cocoon of ceaseless thought. The mind rambles endlessly. It produces thoughts. Thoughts produce feelings. And man reacts to those feelings.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Eventually Consistent - Revisited - All Things Distributed
- Weak consistency:
The system does not guarantee that subsequent accesses will return the updated value. A number of conditions need to be met before the value will be returned. The period between the update and the moment when it is guaranteed that any observer will always see the updated value is dubbed the inconsistency window.

- Eventual consistency:
This is a specific form of weak consistency; the storage system guarantees that if no new updates are made to the object, eventually all accesses will return the last updated value. If no failures occur, the maximum size of the inconsistency window can be determined based on factors such as communication delays, the load on the system, and the number of replicas involved in the replication scheme. The most popular system that implements eventual consistency is DNS (Domain Name System). Updates to a name are distributed according to a configured pattern and in combination with time-controlled caches; eventually, all clients will see the update. "
eventual  eventually  consistent  consistency  distributed  database  scalability  architecturecasual  monotonicread  write  update 
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