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Chronos: An event-capturing framework
Chronos provides an intuitive configuration file that lets you specify which events you'd like to capture. Afer that, just drop the tracker in your webpage and you're all set - that's it.
events  pubsub  kafka 
yesterday by euler
The Events Calendar
An Effortless Events Calendar
A Full Events Ticketing Suite
wordpress  calendar  events  wp-plugins 
2 days ago by kOoLiNuS
Destination Weddings and Our Philosophy - Lisa Vorce
Wedding/event planner for Chrissy Teigen's wedding, specializes in destination events
wedding  events  design  luxury-travel 
3 days ago by ramitsethi
cloudevents/sdk-go: Go SDK for CloudEvents (
Go SDK for CloudEvents ( NOTE: This SDK is still considered work in progress, things might (and will) break with every update.
go  golang  sdk  library  cloudevents  events  cncf 
3 days ago by dlkinney
Design Leadership Summit 2018
Конференция по дизайн-менеджменту Design Leadership Summit 2018 прошла 29 сентября в Торонто. Опубликованы видео-записи выступлений.
UX  management  leadership  conference  events  video 
4 days ago by jvetrau

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