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Conferize - We need to meet
The all-in-one social solution for modern event makers: Website, tickets, and community in one place.
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4 hours ago by iaeon
Event Schedule & Agenda Builder App | Sched
Organize Better Events
Manage your event website and mobile app in one place.
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6 hours ago by gugelproductions
Communicate events in ADF based UI areas to embedded Oracle JET Apps
Communicate events in ADF based UI areas to embedded Rich Client Applications such as Oracle JET, Angular and React
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2 days ago by OracleADF
<@U04UA65B2> uploaded a file: <|Logo_2_1.png> and commented: We*** FLASH SALE: USE "i_love_data" for $10 off! *** Join us Saturday, 3 March, for NYC's best #opendata conference —NYC School of Data — a community technology conference that demystifies complex ideas and fosters local civic engagement. This year’s conversations will focus on four key areas: digital literacy &amp; privacy, smart &amp; wise cities, effective &amp; open government, and civic &amp; government technology. <>
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2 days ago by datasociety
Road Bike Party! - Muckmedden
Mostly for the link to a 100 mile route round Perthshire staring at Comrie Croft.
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3 days ago by mr_stru

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