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XOXO Inclusion Policy
Our lineup is pretty spectacular this year, but this is probably what I'm most proud of: We're codifying all of our inclusive production practices as policy, and making it open source to encourage other events to do the same.

This policy is a “living” document, and subject to refinement and expansion in the future. Last updated June 19, 2018.

We want XOXO to reflect the creative communities it showcases and celebrates. This policy serves as a list of our current inclusive production practices.
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15 hours ago by loughlin
Open source Android app for your conferences
android  fahrplan  events  schedule  conferences  opensource  github 
yesterday by tp78
XOXO 2018
I never thought I'd love a site that was at a slight angle. Until now. I've been to one XOXO. It was fantastic and heavy in the right way.
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yesterday by glass
Upcoming is a simple way to share and discover interesting events from your friends, followers, and the artists and organizations you care about.

Upcoming wasn't built for event promoters, organizers, or venues — it was built for you. Add the stuff you're most excited about going to, recommend interesting stuff you find, and follow people with tastes like your own.

Everything on Upcoming was added by the community, not from feeds or scraped from around the web. It's a curated list of events from the people that use it every day.

Upcoming will never be comprehensive, and it's not for everybody. That's okay.
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4 days ago by kiranmaxweber
Detecting CSS Animation and Transition End with JavaScript — Osvaldas Valutis
Pequeña librería de javascript que llama a un callback al acabar una transición o animación de css
javascript  animation  transitions  events  callback  library  jquery  css 
6 days ago by gorilas
MEG Media Days in Gothenburg
Meg - Göteborg Media Days - is a two day conference and the leading event in Sweden for exploring the intersection between the media, business, academia and the future.
sweden  media  journalism  conference  events  research 
6 days ago by sdp

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