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Building a Simple EventBus in Vue.js
Using a central Event Bus in Vue.js enables isolated components to be loosely coupled yet still subscribe to and publish custom events among each other.
vue  event-bus  Eventemitter  events 
february 2017 by gorekee
Understanding process.nextTick() - How To Node - NodeJS
Understanding process.nextTick()
HEADS UP! This article was written for an older version of node. More up-to-date information may be available elsewhere.

I have seen quite a few people being confused about process.nextTick(). Let's take a look at what process.nextTick() does, and when to use it.
nodejs  nexttick  eventemitter  handler 
august 2016 by vrobin
ar3s3ru/gobus: Simple library to use content-based event-driven programming with Golang
gobus - Simple library to use content-based event-driven programming with Golang
golang  eventemitter 
june 2016 by geetarista
GianlucaGuarini/go-observable · GitHub
go-observable - It allows you to send and receive events with a tiny simple API
golang  eventemitter 
january 2016 by geetarista
emitter - Emits events using Go way, with wildcard, predicates, cancellation possibilities and many other good wins
golang  eventemitter 
january 2016 by geetarista
EventEmitter in ES6
Implementing EventEmitter in ES6 and understanding the Observer Pattern.
howto  javascript  class  Eventemitter 
october 2015 by gorekee
ess - Library for building event sourced systems in Go
golang  eventemitter 
august 2015 by geetarista

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