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Run an open space event
Detailed guidelines on how to run an open space event.
openspace  event 
15 hours ago by oliverschwarz
Planning an open space meeting
A holistic article on planning an open space technology meeting.
openspace  event  meetup 
yesterday by oliverschwarz
How Can We (and Why Should We) Analyze the Ethics of Paternalistic Policies in Public Health? (19 Feb, 2PM; Webinar)
"The purpose of this webinar is to equip public health actors to conduct a critical and nuanced ethical analysis of public health policies or population-based interventions accused or suspected of being paternalistic."
centre-for-research-on-health-equity-and-social-inclusion  validated  event 
2 days ago by knowle.mobi
Media in the Anthropocene, with Dr. Wayne Hope (23 Jan, 12PM)
"The concept of an 'Anthropocene' era in which humanity shapes its environment as or more powerfully than other natural forces poses important issues for media theory."
centre-for-research-on-health-equity-and-social-inclusion  validated  event 
2 days ago by knowle.mobi
4 Alternative Uses For Storage Containers
While storage containers are often used for construction sites and shipyards, storage unit containers are actually extremely versatile and have many alternative uses.
storage-containers  restaurant  event 
3 days ago by Adventure_Web
Coming Soon: International Fanworks Day 2019
International Fanworks Day 2019 is coming soon! Follow the link to learn more, and tell us what fanworks mean to you.
Event  Fannish-Practices 
3 days ago by otw_news

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