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Event Sourcing made Simple
Event Sourcing is to data what Git is to code. We’ve implemented a minimal event sourcing framework at Kickstarter to power d.rip…
ruby  event-sourcing 
11 days ago by yunior
NATS: A Cloud Native Messaging System
Slides for the session NATS: A Cloud Native Messaging System at DevConf.IN 2018, organised by Red Hat.
event-sourcing  nats  natsd  cockroachdb  grpc  microservice  microservices 
14 days ago by pinterb
Deconstructing Monoliths with Domain-driven Design
This talk explains how Liberty Mutual changed a monolithic app into an event-driven microservices based architecture implemented with Event Sourcing and CQRS.
cqrs  ddd  infoq  event-sourcing  eventsourcing  monolith 
8 weeks ago by pinterb
Event Sourcing with F# and Azure Cosmos DB | SkillsCast | 4th June 2018
F#unctional Londoners Meetup Group community cast. Roman Provazník: "I wish I knew this last year! Nobody told us it's important to store this value. What ju...
event-sourcing  f-sharp  azure  azure-cosmos-db 
9 weeks ago by lenards
Twitter thread regarding GDPR-compliance for append-only logs/event sourcing systems
Martin Kleppmann: "What’s current best practice for GDPR compliance (in particular, right to deletion) in systems with append-only logs/event sourcing/blockchains, which are supposed to keep history forever?"

Ben Kehoe: "Crypto delete. The immutable store keeps an encrypted copy, and the key is stored elsewhere. Forget me = throw away the key".

That seems to be the most practical suggestion in general in this thread.
twitter  threads  gdpr  compliance  law  eu  append-only  logs  blockchain  event-sourcing  architecture  storage  kafka  kinesis 
9 weeks ago by jm
Toward a Functional Programming Analogy for Microservices
Is the reactive, immutable, functional style of microservices enabled by Kafka and its Streams API the right fit for your application?
microservices  event-sourcing  data  functional  programming 
11 weeks ago by lenards
Bobby Calderwood - toward a functional programming analogy for microservices
We're posting the full videos and transcripts from Emit 2017! Here's Bobby from CapitalOne with his talk on microservices.
functional  programming  distributed  systems  serverless  pattern  event-sourcing  cqrs  kafka 
11 weeks ago by lenards
Event Sourcing made Simple – Kickstarter Engineering
Most software developers use a tool to keep track of code history. Git is a fantastic example that’s used widely across the industry. Type git log and you can see all the changes made to a codebase…
may 2018 by zmoog

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