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z0mbie42/goes: Golang event sourcing made easy
Golang event sourcing made easy. Contribute to z0mbie42/goes development by creating an account on GitHub.
golang  eventsourcing  event-sourcing  event  sourcing 
4 weeks ago by pinterb
What they don’t tell you about event sourcing – Hugo Rocha – Medium
Event sourcing and CQRS gained a lot of popularity recently. The advantages are obvious and they share a very peculiar symbiosis with each other and with the current tech state of the art making them…
cqrs  event-sourcing 
7 weeks ago by brunns
Event Sourcing made Simple
Event Sourcing is to data what Git is to code. We’ve implemented a minimal event sourcing framework at Kickstarter to power d.rip…
ruby  event-sourcing 
10 weeks ago by yunior
NATS: A Cloud Native Messaging System
Slides for the session NATS: A Cloud Native Messaging System at DevConf.IN 2018, organised by Red Hat.
event-sourcing  nats  natsd  cockroachdb  grpc  microservice  microservices 
10 weeks ago by pinterb

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