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Event Sourcing, overcoming the monolith | Engineering by Talkdesk
In terms of modelling, event sourcing is quite different from traditional schema modelling where you model static views of the business objects.
march 2017 by melo
Yaffle/EventSource · GitHub
Browser support: IE 8+, Firefox 3.5+, Chrome 3+, Safari 4+, Opera 12+ It works on Mobile Safari, Opera Mobile, Chrome for Android, Firefox for Android It does not work on: Android Browser(requires 4…
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july 2014 by studiomohawk
chrisdickinson/sse-stream · GitHub
sse-stream Expose HTML5 Server Sent Events as an installable appliance on Node.JS http servers; connections are emitted as Writable streams. var http = require('http') , fs = require('fs') ,
github  javascript  node.js  event-source 
july 2014 by studiomohawk
Fanout Blog » You might not need a WebSocket
Before I begin, I want to say that WebSockets are great. I’ve even implemented RFC 6455 myself in Zurl and Pushpin, which are used by the Fanout.io service. Fanout.io also supports WebSockets…
event-source  javascript 
july 2014 by studiomohawk

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