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Why Ex-Churchgoers Flocked to Trump
Timothy P. Carney/The American Conservative, Jan. 17, 2019.
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4 weeks ago by markcoddington
Sex Abuse Among Southern Baptists | Keith Whitfield | First Things
The past twelve months have been a heart-rending season, with a handful of dismissals surrounding sexual misconduct and one for the mishandling of cases of sexual misconduct. Now another shoe has dropped: The Houston Chronicle published three articles—“Abuse of Faith,” “Offend, Then Repeat,” and “Preying on Teens”—on more than 700 abuse cases that occurred in Southern Baptist churches over the past 20 years. The banner graphic is a chilling mosaic of mug shots of Southern Baptists who were convicted or pleaded guilty to sexual abuse, faces that represent only a portion of the 220 known perpetrators since 1998.
4 weeks ago by ritzluna
Evangelical Apocalypse | Dale M. Coulter | First Things
It was only a matter of time before journalists dove into an evangelical institution to find skeletons of sexual abuse in locked file cabinets.
4 weeks ago by ritzluna
RT : This history right here is why so many black Xtians have decided to leave . Thanks for sharing,…
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5 weeks ago by brchastain
Jemar Tisby's New Book Challenges White Evangelicals - The Atlantic
Repenting for the sins of forefathers is much easier than recognizing the racism embedded in religious institutions and cultures today, however. In The Color of Compromise, the writer Jemar Tisby challenges the notion that white supremacy is merely a legacy, and not a present reality, in the church. “Christian complicity with racism in the 21st century looks different than complicity with racism in the past,” he argues. “It looks like Christians responding to black lives matter with the phrase all lives matter. It looks like Christians consistently supporting a president whose racism has been on display for decades.” Perhaps, he writes, “Christian complicity in racism has not changed much after all.” While Tisby is nominally writing for the church at large, he is specifically focused on its conservatives—“Bible-believing” Christians who come out of traditional theological backgrounds similar to his own.
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7 weeks ago by lmullen
The Sharp Sting of the Babylon Bee | Mark Hemingway | The Weekly Standard
One of the most successful new media outlets in America does nothing but publish fake news. If that seems like a bad thing, it should be noted that the website in question is even more dedicated to spreading the Good News. Adam Ford, the founder and only full-time employee of the Babylon Bee, a Christian satire website, is clearly surprised at his success. “On the first of March, we celebrated two years in existence, and a couple of days later I noticed we had passed 100 million page views,” Ford tells The Weekly Standard. The Bee’s social media presence—it now has over 400,000 followers on Facebook and nearly 100,000 followers on Twitter—has grown quickly too. “All of this was totally organic. We’ve never run an ad, never boosted a post, never spent a dollar on spreading the word. And we’ve had no outside funding. Our growth has been totally driven by the content.”

..The Bee taps into a huge audience less accustomed to being the subject of well-intended comedy than of being made the butt of jokes. “There was a kind of a thirst for that perspective. The Onion’s really funny, but a lot of [its humor] comes from a secular and even anti-religion” point of view, says Kyle Mann, the Bee’s head writer. “Whenever there’s a big topic of national discussion” that in some way might touch on religion, comedy and satire in general seem to have only “that one perspective.”

..It’s safe to say that thus far, to the extent it has noticed, secular America is confounded by the success of the Babylon Bee. In March, Facebook threatened to reduce the visibility of the Bee’s stories. The reason? One of Facebook’s fact-checking partners, Snopes.com, obliviously labeled a Bee story (“ CNN Purchases Industrial-Sized Washing Machine to Spin News Before Publication”) false rather than satire. Considering how important Facebook traffic is to Internet publications, the threat was no joke.

..Recent articles such as “Republican Party Publishes New, Improved Edition Of Jesus’s Beatitudes” and an op-ed purportedly written by King David headlined “If You Could Stop Comparing Me To Donald Trump, That’d Be Great” testify to the fact that Ford and Mann grasp a fundamental problem with religion and politics: American Christians may be enamored of the idea of civil religion, but Jesus clearly wasn’t. At one point in How to Be a Perfect Christian, Ford and Mann twist the quotation famously attributed to St. Francis of Assisi and sarcastically exhort Christians to “Preach the gospel at all times. If necessary, use the voting booth.”

..Despite the Bee’s success, Ford maintains “the real motivation behind launching the Bee continues to drive us: speaking truth into the culture in an engaging, intelligent way.” For his part, Mann sees the Bee’s mission as something more than chasing modern cultural relevance. He sees it as also harking back to a time when Christian leaders were not afraid to take a stand for what they believed. Reading Martin Luther’s satirical and harsh criticisms, Mann says, a reader today might react, “‘Wow, this is crazy. Is this guy even a Christian the way he talks to his theological opponents? We don’t really use that kind of language.’ And so when we come along and do it, I think it really does wake a lot of people up.” The comparison to Martin Luther might seem a bit much, as Mann is quick to concede: “I don’t want to overstate what we do, obviously; it’s comedy—it’s fun. But I do hope that once in a while someone reads the article, laughs, and then starts to think about it.”
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9 weeks ago by AfroMaestro

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