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How Orbán duped the Brexiteers | The Spectator
Why are members of the old regime so attracted to the police institutions of the new illiberal states?
spectator  politics  eu  europe 
1 hour ago by robward
The EU Is Looking Like Europe's Next Failed Empire - Bloomberg
All of this is bad news for the U.S., which benefits greatly in the international system from a Europe pulling together. A unified continent has the largest economy in the world, a highly capable military with the second-largest defense budget after our own, and a shared sense of the values that truly make nations great — democracy, liberty, personal freedoms, gender and racial equality. Americans will never have a better pool of partners.

Yet, despite some positive traction out of France under President Emmanuel Macron and the continuing influence of Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany, the forces tugging at Europe seem to be growing. Russia, of course, is the principal beneficiary, and will do all that it can — in subtle and direct ways — to accelerate the process of decomposition.

What can the U.S. do to help avert the demise of the European Project?

First, based on a year of extensive travel throughout Europe, I can testify that there is still a hunger for U.S. engagement and leadership — but without overt preaching or obvious interference.
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12 hours ago by corrales
All 27 EU leaders believe Theresa May's Brexit trade plan will not work
What on earth is going on for Theresa May to say she doesn't understand the concerns?
uk  europe  doom 
18 hours ago by andrewducker
Alibaba's Jack Ma says U.S.-China trade war ends 1 million U.S. jobs promise: Xinhua
Ma, expected to step down as Alibaba chairman in a year, predicted on Tuesday that trade frictions would lead to “a mess” for all parties involved.

He added U.S. tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of Chinese products could prompt the country to export elsewhere.

“We should work more in Africa, SEA (South East Asia), Europe,” he said.
china  africa  europe  economy  trends 
yesterday by corrales
Wie migratie écht wil begrijpen, moet naar de achterblijvers in Afrika kijken - De Correspondent

‘De kern is dat we alternatieven moeten bieden om geld te verdienen’, zegt Abieyuwa. Met internationaal hulpgeld zegt de gouverneur nu bijvoorbeeld fabrieken te gaan bouwen, om cassave en palmolie te verwerken, en zo banen te creëren.

Zulke langetermijnontwikkelingsinitiatieven kunnen echter op weinig vertrouwen van de bevolking rekenen. De inwoners van Benin City hebben gouverneurs zien komen en gaan, en hebben weinig zien veranderen in hun dagelijks leven. Een lokale ngo-medewerker zegt: ‘Zolang ons systeem niet werkt, maakt het niets uit hoeveel ontwikkelingsgeld de EU onze overheid geeft. Dat geld komt toch niet bij ons terecht. Maar het geld van migranten komt direct bij degenen die het nodig hebben. Migratie is hier de enige manier om te overleven.’

Dat is wat je ziet als je het prisma van Benin City blijft rondtollen: dit dilemma. Een illegaal systeem dat ook groot goed doet. Een mensonterend systeem dat ook een levenslijn is.
nigeria  poverty  prostitution  europe  migration 
yesterday by WimLeers
Studying Greenland’s Ice to Understand Climate Change - The Atlantic
Earlier this year, Lucas Jackson, a photographer with Reuters, joined a team of scientists affiliated with a NASA project named Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) and traveled with it to the Greenland ice sheet and fjords. Jackson photographed the researchers as they set up their scientific equipment and took readings to help understand the ongoing impact of the melting glaciers and map out what to expect in the future. Jackson says: “For both journalists and scientists, climate change is difficult to document. It most often happens imperceptibly—a tenth of a degree increase in temperature, a few less inches of rain, a slowly melting ice sheet.”
in_focus  photography  europe  climate_change  research  science 
yesterday by rgl7194

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