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RT : Defensa criteri proporcionalitat x “Ningú a entén la severitat que s’aplicat” “derogació…
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Article 13 Negotiations Move Ahead, Artists Slam Labels For Disrespecting Them - TorrentFreak
On Friday and despite opposition from Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Malta and Slovakia, the governments of the EU agreed that they will move forward on the basis of this France – Germany deal.

Pirate MEP Julia Reda described the deal as “the worst version of Article 13 yet”, sentiments that appear to be broadly shared by the very people who have pushed hardest for the legislation – major music labels, broadcasters, and other content owners.

Also on Friday, IFPI and several other major organizations called for Article 13 to be scrapped entirely, an indication that almost no-one wants what Article 13 has become – despite the EU now pushing ahead.

That being said, another new front appears to have opened in what is becoming an increasingly confused confrontation.
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Corporate Transparency
ver tb "British companies among the worst for failing to report meaningful information about their impacts on society and the environment" em
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WeVerify – Wider and Enhanced Verification For You
"An EU co-funded horizon 2020 project that deals with algorithm-supported verification of digital content. Start of the project: 01.12.2018 / end of the project: 30.11.2021.
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"FAke News discovery and propagation from big Data ANalysis and artificial intelliGence Operations"
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Wer die dauerhafte Unionsbürgerschaft anstrebt, kommt an der Teilnahme dieser vorbei.
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