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Thief: The Dark Project is 20 years old, and you should play it today •
Thief's legacy may be as a progenitor of the stealth genre, but the game itself is so much very more than that, and as such, it deserves more than simply to be remembered.
gaming  eurogamer  history-games 
november 2018 by lorenzck
Sony announces a £729 Metal Gear Solid 5-branded walkman •
Sony has revealed a line-up of Metal Gear Solid 5-branded gadgets in Japan. These range from smartphones to tablets to a £729 walkman.

Revealed on Sony's Japanese store (via Siliconera), the most luxurious item is the ZX series NW-ZX2 Walkman, which goes for ¥140k. That's roughly £729 or $1145.
MetalGear(Series)  MetalGearSolid(Series)  MetalGearSolidV  Sony  SonyWalkman  Promotions  Eurogamer  GamingNews  Merchandise  Gaming  Konami  HideoKojima  MP3Players  DigitalMusicandAudio  DigitalMusic 
july 2018 by dk33per
No, Burnout Paradise Remastered doesn't have microtransactions •
Burnout Paradise Remastered does not feature any in-game microtransactions, EA has reassured - despite the game's official store listing saying the opposite.
Burnout(Series)  BurnoutParadise  PS4  XboxOne  Remasters  CriterionGames  Eurogamer  Gaming  GamingNews  Microtransactions 
february 2018 by dk33per
Everybody's Golf review •
Everybody's Golf, a series that, at 20, is almost as old as the PlayStation on which it debuted, has always offered a sharp antidote to all the stuffy clubhouse elitism. The series remains not only one of the most poised and rewarding of video game golfing interpretations, but also one of the most accessible and openhearted. That democratising vision is even proudly baked into its title.
Everybody’sGolf(series)  Eurogamer  Reviews  GameReviews  PlayStation  PS4  SIE  SIEJapanStudio 
december 2017 by dk33per
Microsoft's final sales pitch for Xbox One X falls flat •
As the allocated 90 minutes clocked up and we all began to think about the few short hours left until we drag ourselves up for the Monday commute, it was hard to make head or tail of what Microsoft's Gamescom show had set out to achieve. In an hour and a half of reheated E3 trailers and recaps, there was perhaps one announcement of a genuine exclusive for Xbox: a vertical console stand for the day one edition of the Xbox One X, as unpackaged by Major Nelson in an abandoned office on the other side of the world.
Microsoft  Xbox(brand)  XboxOne  XboxOneX  Gamescom  Eurogamer  Gaming  GamingNews  E3 
december 2017 by dk33per
Sony ending PlayStation Vita Maps, near features •
Sony PS Vita (PlayStation Vita) Near (PS Vita app) mapping Eurogamer Gaming news
Sony  PS  Vita  (PlayStation  Vita)  Near  (PS  Vita  app)  mapping  Eurogamer  Gaming  news 
november 2016 by dk33per
The Witness review •
Witness is made of puzzles, but it also is a single, grand puzzle that Blow set himself. It is the ultimate purist challenge in the art of game design: to take a simple, abstract mechanic, dominated by a single inviolable rule, and then make it sing for dozens of hours. As such, it is a great success. The Witness is a work of incredible intellectual virtuosity; it's the Goldberg Variations of puzzle games.
the_witness  eurogamer  review 
january 2016 by rufous
The PS4 can now emulate PlayStation 2 games | Ars Technica UK
PS2 (PlayStation 2) PS4 (PlayStation 4) emulation Game emulation Gaming news gaming Video games (Gaming) Star Wars games ars technica Eurogamer Digital Foundary (Eurogamer) Frame rate (fps)
PS2  (PlayStation  2)  PS4  (PlayStation  4)  emulation  Game  emulation  Gaming  news  Video  games  (Gaming)  Star  Wars  games  ars  technica  Eurogamer  Digital  Foundary  (Eurogamer)  Frame  rate  (fps) 
november 2015 by dk33per
Riding the meta in Heroes of the Storm •
"But I think one of our goals in this game is to have it keep reinventing itself for years and years and years," he continues. "We have this goal, I'll tell guys: Look, I want you to imagine yourself sitting in the same chair five years from now. Is it still fun? Are you still geeked up to work on this game, or do you think, five years from now, it's going to start to feel stale, and you're like, 'Here we go, another ranged damage class...'

"If you can imagine yourself still having fun five years from now, then we're doing it right. We very much want to communicate to the audience, with every action that we take: you haven't seen anything yet. This game will not be nailed down. At no point will we let this game become stuck in a rut, to become repetitive or predictable. We may fail, don't get me wrong. There's always a possibility that we fail, but that's never the goal. The goal's to be always driving change, driving newness, keeping it fresh."

In fact, this is where the battlegrounds come back in. "They're such a powerful tool to allow us to change the entire play experience just by changing out the terrain and the battleground and the characters on that battleground," says Browder. "Even if we never change another hero again, which of course we'll do, even if we never added more heroes, we could keep changing this experience just through the battlegrounds alone. Then if we add new heroes, that gives us new vectors for change, more vectors for innovation. More vectors for new cool ideas. Then you think of the Talent system that allows you to go back into old heroes and add a new play style, even if we didn't change anything old." He pauses. "So we're trying to create systems here that allow us to keep evolving the game - as we get good ideas, as the community and the audience gets good ideas. We can keep changing the game for years and years to come."
heroes_of_the_storm  dustin_browder  eurogamer 
october 2015 by rufous
Layoffs hit Rare following Kinect Sports Rivals flop •
Microsoft-owned developer Rare has suffered layoffs after the release of Xbox One exclusive Kinect Sports Rivals failed to set tills alight, Eurogamer can reveal.
eurogamer  kinect  rare 
october 2015 by rufous
Retrospective: Star Wars Episode I Racer
Martyn Carroll (game journalist) Star Wars (series) Star Wars Episode I Star Wars games Retrospective Retro gaming Eurogamer
Martyn  Carroll  (game  journalist)  Star  Wars  (series)  Star  Wars  Episode  Star  Wars  games  Retrospective  Retro  gaming  Eurogamer 
october 2015 by dk33per
Watch: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 is a bit of a glitchy mess •
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 is out in the US now (Friday in the UK), and comes with a day one update that's bigger in GB terms than the game itself. Still, the patch doesn't seem to improve matters, as the video, below, captured from the PlayStation 4 version after the update is applied, shows.

We see Tony Hawk's dead-eyed character model spinning out of control at the most innocuous of collisions, and constant glitching into walls, the ground and half-pipes as the cel-shaded graphics collapse.
tony_hawk  games  glitches  eurogamer 
september 2015 by rufous
Rare reflects on its lost Conker game, Gettin' Medieval •
MS are doing a lot recently to try to 'reinvigorate' the Rare brand in the mind of gamers; reminding people of the heritage etc. Trying to wipe the slate clean of their mistakes with forcing them onto things like Kinect Sports etc.

It'll be interesting to see when this Pirates game comes out whether Rare really exists as anything other than a heritage brand-name any more.
rare  eurogamer 
september 2015 by rufous
Mind games: The battle of wits that unites snooker and Hearthstone •
I've recently come to realise that, throughout my life, I've been drawn towards a certain type of game - and nothing has come to highlight this quite like my passion for Hearthstone and for snooker. The differences between the two games are transparent enough, but it's what unifies them that makes them so captivating to watch and to play.

Both, for example, demand a high degree of forward planning based on incomplete information. Those who focus rigidly on the moment don't climb very high on Hearthstone's ladder, and they certainly don't win many frames of snooker. To win, you must instead grasp the problem at hand and play with it like a toy, turning objects of mathematical pleasure this way and that, exposing them to different lights, and determining the best possible course of action before committing to it. To win, you must be able to speculate and take risks.

Beyond that, I think there's a darker truth at work too. For someone to emerge victorious from these games of pause, reflection, consideration and execution, it's often not enough to simply win. The person who loses must also throw it away to one degree or another, whether through poor execution, inexperience or greed. When your turn comes, you have all the time and space in the world to be as terrible as you're capable of being.
snooker  hearthstone  eurogamer 
september 2015 by rufous

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