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Interview with Kenneth Clarke on Brexit - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Clarke: It's a very nasty climate out there. People are retreating into angry simplicities. Half the population is angry about politicians not getting on with it, they're not following the detail, they haven't a clue what the Irish backstop is, and they couldn't care less. They just want it to be over. The other half does follow quite fairly, intensely, more than usual. They are divided in angry remainers who are ever more ferociously for remaining and angry leavers who ever more ferociously feel they are being betrayed.
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2 days ago by petej
Why Europe can't cope / Helen Thompson (UnHerd, 2019/02/11)
“Nonetheless, whatever French fiscal privileges persist, the Eurozone crisis is disrupting that hierarchy. The New Hanseatic League states acted vigorously in opposing Macron’s plans for a substantial Eurozone budget and a Eurozone finance minister. Bruno Le Maire, the French Finance Minister, became so angry after dinner with his Dutch opposite number, that he accused the New Hanseatic League of acting as a ‘closed club’ to divide the EU.”
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9 days ago by cbearden
Germany is in a recession. Germany is not in recession >> …
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16 days ago by kexrex
The Left Case Against the EU (1/2)
Bitter reflections on Greece’s capitulation to EU institutions argues no evolution is possible, they are too brittle
greece  europe  union  euro  analysis  pointofview  negotiation  history  Q1  2019  uk  brexit  grexit  ruling  class  elite  socialism  ecb  bank  control  democracy 
5 weeks ago by csrollyson
Marking the euro at 20: the eurozone is doomed to succeed | Financial Times
2 days ago

A few points to add on Germany:

1. Germany’s entry into the euro hit German exports hard; with high levels of long-term unemployment, Germans talked of a ‘blocked society’
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5 weeks ago by circius
Only a rupture with the EU will alter the failed status quo | Larry Elliott | Opinion | The Guardian
Brexit, the gilets jaunes protesters in France, the terrible pain inflicted on Greece and the support for the League/Five Star government in Italy all tell their own story. Europe is alive with political discontent that reflects the demand for deep and urgent reform, but the chances of getting it are less likely if the status quo prevails.

Why? Because the forces of conservatism are strong. Change comes about only when the pressure for it becomes too great to resist. The financial crisis provided one such opportunity to reform an economic system that for many people clearly wasn’t working; Brexit was a second. The left’s case for Brexit has always been based on the following notions: the current economic model is failing; socialism is needed to fix it; and the free-market ideology hardwired into the EU via the European Central Bank, judgments of the European court of justice and treaty changes will make that process all but impossible without a break with the status quo.

It is theoretically possible that in the event of a “Brexit in name only” or no Brexit at all, policymakers will push ahead with what’s needed in order to make a reality of the slogan “a reformed Britain in a reformed Europe”. Possible but not all that plausible, given that it would require breaking up the euro, more autonomy for individual countries to intervene in the running of their economies, and a simultaneous philosophical U-turn in the big member states.

Much more likely is that the pressure for change will dissipate and the real grievances of those who voted for Brexit will be quietly forgotten. The softer the Brexit, the more convinced the EU will be that it has been doing the right thing all along. Britain will not go up in flames, but there will still be consequences. Leave voters will feel they have been victims of an establishment stitch-up. The anger will not go away and will eventually resurface.

The risk is that the losers will be the biggest supporters of the EU – the liberal left. And the biggest winners will be the extreme right.
UK  EU  Brexit  TheLeft  Lexit  Leave  finance  crisis  economy  productivity  ECB  Euro  reform  farRight  politics  dctagged  dc:creator=ElliottLarry 
5 weeks ago by petej
The euro is the most dysfunctional currency ever created / Matthew Lynn (Spectator UK, 2019/01/02)
“You might think the euro-zone’s strongest economy would have strong banks. Think again. Shares in Germany’s Deutsche Bank have fallen by 90 per cent in the last decade, and just before Christmas it had to deny it would need a bail-out (which is the banking equivalent of having ‘complete faith in the manager’ of a football team). Meanwhile, the Italian banks limp from crisis to crisis and so do the Greek ones as a half-built currency destroys the profitability of an industry that should be one of the foundations of a prosperous economy.”
Euro  EU  EuroZone 
6 weeks ago by cbearden
Europe's Political Economy: The Italy Debate – ADAM TOOZE
econoflipping: adopting your most radical critic's argument as soon as it seems to suit. hysteresis used to be hysteria until 10 years of it could be colourably given as an argument for yet more deflation
economics  econoflip  italy  europe  euro  to_blog  afoe 
7 weeks ago by yorksranter
Happy Birthday to the , which turns 20 years old! Europe's single currency has broken down barriers & brought…
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7 weeks ago by antaldaniel
Brussels sets out plans for euro to challenge dollar dominance | Financial Times
Tentative moves to persuade people to do more international business in euros instead of dollars. Partly in response to US craziness of late.
economics  Europe  euro  dollar  business 
11 weeks ago by mr_stru
Can the euro rival the dollar? | Centre for European Reform
It might but nobody here wants to do any of the things that would be necessary
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11 weeks ago by yorksranter

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