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"Farewell" to an old architect of distinction called Neave Brown
At the age of 34 with his design of 22-32 Winscombe Street in Dartmouth Park, North London and their completion two years later, Neave showed the world what he could do. Children’s bedrooms were placed on the ground floor, with big barn doors opening on to a communal garden; the parents’ bedroom and living room were at the top, while the family zone was in the middle, the whole connected by spiral stairs. “It was built as a community, an extended family,” he said, “When you heard children’s laughter downstairs, you were never quite sure if they were your kids or someone else’s.”
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10 weeks ago by oddhack
A Eulogy For CAPTCHA – The Awl
“That some people have such difficulty solving type-in CAPTCHAs makes the confrontation even ickier, when you consider what’s being asked (“are you a human?”) and what might get in the way of answering it.”
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june 2017 by leereamsnyder

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