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A gentle word to leaders and supporters who blantantly used & told lies to win the referend…
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18 hours ago by gourock_swimming
Facebook Unveils New Privacy Settings; Urges Users to Share | Fortune
Will these changes make Facebook compliant? That remains to be seen—the EU’s privacy regulators no doubt will be studying them closely—but it certainly seems like Facebook is trying to steer people towards giving it as many permissions as possible.
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yesterday by corrickwales
In this golden age of political arrogance, David Cameron is king | Rafael Behr | Opinion | The Guardian
The former prime minister’s breezy ‘no regrets’ over Brexit really is a classic of the genre, says Guardian columnist Rafael Behr
2 days ago by tonys
Backbench MPs table motion to force vote on EU customs union | Politics | The Guardian
Three Tories among signatories demanding option of customs union kept on table after Brexit
2 days ago by tonys
Parliament adopts strong Res pressing gov to:
release Senator Leila De Lima
end extrajudicial kill…
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2 days ago by rukku

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