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and have just created the world’s largest area of safe flows.

I very much welcome this de…
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Brexiteers are starting to regret voting down Theresa May's deal so decisively -
In the film The Italian Job, Michael Caine and his motley crew practise hijacking a bullion van. Their aim: a limited explosion that allows them to get into the van, and get the gold out. But the blast ends up blowing the whole vehicle sky high. An irate Caine turns to his explosive man, and barks, “You’re only
2 hours ago by tonys
Labour frontbenchers warn of opposition to second referendum | Politics | The Guardian
Senior Labour figures tell chief whip they will resign if pressed to support new Brexit vote
2 hours ago by tonys
We’ll never see a cross-party deal on Brexit: tribalism runs too deep | Rafael Behr | Opinion | The Guardian
Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are incapable of putting the country first, says Guardian columnist Rafael Behr
5 hours ago by tonys
Dyson to move company HQ to Singapore
Top Brexiteer takes back control by leaving Brexit Britain.
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5 hours ago by nwlinks
Companies press Brexit panic button in further blow to Theresa May | Business | The Guardian
P&O opts for Cypriot flag, Sony confirms HQ move and Pets at Home stockpiles cat food
16 hours ago by tonys
Google can limit 'right to be forgotten' to EU says top court adviser | Reuters
Maciej Szpunar’s opinion was welcomed by Google, which locked horns with France’s privacy watchdog after being fined in 2016 for failing to delist sensitive information beyond the borders of the EU.
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21 hours ago by corrickwales
Labour MPs Lammy and Phillipson side with Lib Dems on people's vote | Politics | The Guardian
Pair defend working with critics of party leader, saying it is not a party political issue
yesterday by tonys
Brexit 'will cost civil service £74m a year in staff turnover' | Politics | The Guardian
Report reveals impact of Brexit on staff, expertise and other projects including HS2
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