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Chongqing - Wikipedia
is a place in China.Pop 35 m! Never even heard of it. All your are belong …
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8 hours ago by kexrex
Why Multicloud Will Win When the Cloud Wars Go Global
Data privacy is increasingly critical, particularly as breaches become both more frequent and more devastating. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is certainly a reflection of what will become more tightly monitored if not regulated space.

But even with GDPR, there will be industry-specific regulations that mandate protections, especially around data that is of security interest. In some cases, enterprises will find that tight control over data, being mindful of national borders, provides the right balance of risk mitigation and control."
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9 hours ago by jonerp
The 2014 European Parliament elections, under the 2019 rules
How the proposed new voting system for the European Parliament helps the centre and the centre-right.
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9 hours ago by nwlinks
Comprendre le règlement européen | CNIL
Le règlement européen sur la protection des données personnelles sera applicable en mai 2018 dans tous les pays de l’Union Européenne. Cette réforme globale doit permettre à l'Europe de s'adapter aux nouvelles réalités du numérique.
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10 hours ago by insertrealname
RGPD : se préparer en 6 étapes | CNIL
Le 25 mai 2018, le règlement européen sera applicable. De nombreuses formalités auprès de la CNIL vont disparaître. En contrepartie, la responsabilité des organismes sera renforcée. Ils devront en effet assurer une protection optimale des données à chaque instant et être en mesure de la démontrer en documentant leur conformité.
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10 hours ago by insertrealname
How Britain voted in the 2016 EU referendum
As we have for every general election since 1979, Ipsos MORI has produced estimates of how the voters voted in the recent EU referendum.
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12 hours ago by iaeon
EU-Mexiko: Der bizarre Käse-Streit | Wirtschaft - Deutsche Welle
Seit Monaten verhandeln die Europäische Union EU und Mexiko über die Ausweitung des gemeinsamen Freihandelsabkommens - scheitern könnte es am Käse. Dabei geht es um Millionen.
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