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How a new EU copyright law could weaken privacy and free speech by @superglaze
From the perspective of the rights-holders, Article 13 will stop the likes of Google getting rich off the works of creators who don't get paid enough. From the side of the digital rights community and more than a million signatories of an online petition — and tech luminaries such as Tim Berners-Lee and Jimmy Wales — it's a step onto a slippery slope that will lead to widespread privacy and free-expression infringements by overturning a key defense against the mass surveillance of people's online activities in the EU.
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1 hour ago by corrickwales
Labour's Brexit plan: to have an illusion of a plan, not an actual plan | John Crace | Politics | The Guardian
Members at odds over people’s vote at conference, with Keir Starmer going off message
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19 hours ago by tonys
Has Labour's stance on Brexit changed? | Politics | The Guardian
Heather Stewart considers whether support for a possible public vote marks a real policy shift
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19 hours ago by tonys
Labour delegates back Keir Starmer push for public vote on Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
Shadow Brexit secretary applauded after saying ‘nobody is ruling out remain’
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19 hours ago by tonys
EU Directive on the Accessibility of Public Sector Websites and Mobile Applications | TPG – Digital Accessibility Solutions
The European Union (EU) Directive on the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications requires EU member states to make sure their websites and mobile apps meet common accessibility standards. The Directive will be transposed into the laws of each EU member state by September 23 2018.
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19 hours ago by siggiarni
The angry union boss, the archaic rules, the coffee breath: The inside story of the meeting that decided Labour's Brexit policy | The Independent
Delegates suspected the meeting to set the motion for Labour’s critical conference vote on a new Brexit referendum might be long, but not quite this long. They also expected it to be tough, but nobody going in thought they would end the night having seen a union boss look like he might “burst into tears”. The real giveaway that things were going awry was about an hour-and-a-half in, when a disagreement broke out about the very meaning of the word “consensus”.
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21 hours ago by tonys
Keir Starmer launched an unexpected Brexit zinger – and it hit the spot | Martin Kettle | Opinion | The Guardian
Labour’s Brexit boss set the conference alight when he revealed that remain could still be an option on a people’s vote, says Guardian columnist Martin Kettle
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22 hours ago by tonys

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