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Etta James – At Last – Lyrics Any requests for more lyric videos please let me know by commenting below : ) Etta James – At Last – Lyrics
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#BritsSoWhite: why this year's nominees need to take a stand | Music | The Guard...
Brit Awards White privilege awards race issues White people White musicians Black musicians and black music Yomi Adegoke Comment is free comment Opinion Music of black origin Etta James Aretha Franklin Whitney Houston lianne la havas Ella Eyre Fleur East Kwabs MNEK Adele Sam Smith (Music) James Bay Jack Garratt jessie j Lily Allen Jess Glynne Ed Sheeran Amy Winehouse
Brit  Awards  White  privilege  race  issues  White  people  White  musicians  Black  musicians  and  music  Yomi  Adegoke  Comment  is  free  Opinion  of  origin  Etta  James  Aretha  Franklin  Whitney  Houston  lianne  la  havas  Ella  Eyre  Fleur  East  Kwabs  MNEK  Adele  Sam  Smith  (Music)  James  Bay  Jack  Garratt  jessie  j  Lily  Allen  Jess  Glynne  Ed  Sheeran  Amy  Winehouse 
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full_of_synergy: Fic: Fringe: Cinder And Smoke
She went to the bar first because she needed a drink, disregarded those who told her that she needed to curb her problem with alcohol and that one day, whiskey just wouldn’t cut it as a suitable dinner. Etta smiles at them all (Etta always just smiles), brushes a strand of hair behind her ear and walks down the street because the truth is, they can talk all they want but she’ll never listen.
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november 2012 by hjea
Three Keys in a Disparate Symphony - rainer76 - Fringe [Archive of Our Own]
“I want a re-write.  I don’t want to be cheated of watching her grow up, I don’t want her to grow up like this.”

“I’ll add it to the list.”

“There’s a list?”

“Astrid started it.  It’s filed under: “Irritated.”
s5  etta  astrid  peter/olivia  fringe  fic 
october 2012 by hjea
The Night Kitchen - tilden - Fringe [Archive of Our Own]
Walter’s snores and lip-smackings are an odd comfort, though Peter doesn’t sleep. It’s well past midnight when he sees Olivia ghost from her room to peer through the cracked door to where their daughter lies. She stands motionless as Lot’s wife for long minutes, watching Etta while Peter’s watching her.
s5  etta  peter/olivia  fringe  fic 
october 2012 by hjea

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