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A Call for Returning to Cheerful Professionalism, Miss Manners | uexpress
There was an excellent reason for opposing the old rules: All the respect and leeway they provided was accorded only to the male hierarchy. They were addressed by titles and surnames, but called any female, minority or low-level employees by their given names. Whatever socializing there was on office time, such as lunches or golfing breaks, was strictly for them. Their suits and ties -- not jeans and hoodies -- constituted the status look.

But when a need to modernize is recognized, it never seems to be done by applying the higher standard to all. And revisions in office behavior occurred at a time when the sweet idea was wafting around that personal friends are happier and more productive than mere colleagues.
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4 weeks ago by atbradley
Dropping the Unofficial ‘Wifely’ Titles, Miss Manners | uexpress
Even the wife of the president of the United States has no official title, no matter how often she is referred to as first lady. That is something that President Kennedy’s wife tried in vain to avoid, pointing out that “First Lady” sounded like the name of a horse.

And with the ersatz title, expectations have arisen about what duties a first lady -- of whatever job her husband holds -- should perform, regardless of her inclinations, skills or other priorities. That many generously comply should not make it compulsory for all.

Miss Manners urges you to drop and discourage the notion of such wifely titles. If the wife of your chancellor or president is a professor or a doctor, use that title in addressing her. Otherwise, the correct protocol at all levels is to address her as “Mrs.” or “Ms.” with her surname.
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4 weeks ago by atbradley
Top Posting and Bottom Posting
Arguments to support bottom-posting...

A: Because we read from top to bottom, left to right.
Q: Why should I start my reply below the quoted text?

A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
Q: Why is top-posting such a bad thing?

A: The lost context.
Q: What makes top-posted replies harder to read than bottom-posted?

A: Yes.
Q: Should I trim down the quoted part of an email to which I'm replying?
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7 weeks ago by huckncatch

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