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From our discussion series on Foucault among Melanesianists:
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12 days ago by kerim
Center for Experimental Ethnography
The Center for Experimental Ethnography seeks to amplify discussions regarding the emerging forms scholarly research is taking in the humanities and social sciences, and to create institutional interventions related to nontraditional genres of research practice and dissemination, by attending to the following questions:

What does the digital age mean for humanistic, social scientific, and professional inquiry and practice?  

What tools for research and communication should we offer the next generation of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students? 

How do extra-textual formats transform both the processes and products of research?  How do they inform and transform disciplinary epistemologies?

In what ways is this work accountable to the communities from which it emerges and through which circulates?  
ethnography  multimodal_scholarship  anthropology 
25 days ago by shannon_mattern
Ishtiaque Ahmed | Computing for Voice | Repair
HCI literature is often centered on the moments of design, and use. However, digital technologies often cease to function, and they require repairing. Under the consumerist culture of USA and many other countries in the Global West, the practice of repairing is not very wide-spread, but repairing is a part of cultural tradition in many countries in the Global South. A range of reasons, from economic constraints to post-humanistic bond with objects, people feel the urge to fix a broken object. Through fixing, people try to preserve and hold the time that has gone past them. However, the act of repairing has not got attention in mainstream HCI literature until recently. We conducted a long-term ethnography in 10 main electronic repair sites in Dhaka to understand the nuances of this culture. During this period of time, I completed a course on mobile phone repair under an expert repairer, and worked in a repair shop for Three weeks. I also conducted interviews of repairers, e-waste collectors, customers, and many other stake holders of repair business.

One important contribution of my ethnography was documentation of the art and skills embedded in repair work, which is often invisible. My ethnography further extended the study of knowledge associated with repairing by revealing the learning processes in repair communities of Bangladesh. My research has shown how the situated community based learning process has sustained the repair culture in Bangladesh for years now, and how that is related with a wide International network of knowledge, materials, and collaborations. Besides bringing out never heard stories of the low-paid repairers, my study deepened the understanding of "values" as practiced through repairing.
repair  ethnography  bangladesh 
5 weeks ago by tonyyet
Why teach ethnography to managers (in the big data era)? | MENAFN.COM
We argue teaching ethnographic thinking to managers is now more acute than ever. The world is changing with stunning speed, a flood of data is being produced by computing systems, and there is only little time to make decisions. Ethnographic mind-set enforces managers to:
- continuously reflect on the 'right' questions and perspectives they may adopt,
- exercise participant-observation which can be a 'lifelong' asset,
- critically analyse the kinds of seemingly 'objective' empirical evidence offered to them (no matter how voluminous)
- take a few healthy steps away from the ocean of data they may easily drown in.
5 weeks ago by vdbm
Sama-Bajau - Wikipedia
The Sama-Bajau refers to several Austronesian ethnic groups of Maritime Southeast Asia with their origins from the southern Philippines.
travel  ethnography  history  diving  maritime  southeast  asia  philippines  islands  reference 
7 weeks ago by asaltydog

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