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If We Called Ourselves Yellow : Code Switch : NPR
"Are you reclaiming the slur, or reclaiming our history?" Fang asks me. "The thing I'm concerned about is — is [yellow] a truly reflective way of talking about the East Asian American experience? Is yellow more nuancing? ... Or more flattening?"
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12 days ago by allaboutgeorge
Why Do We Describe Asian Eyes As 'Almond-Shaped'? : Code Switch : NPR
An interesting NPR article by @katchow on the topic of likening Asian eyes to almonds.
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13 days ago by johncoxon
Family Members Treasure Hunt – Hartlepool History
via dna people whose research study has actually struck an obstruction and also hasn t proposed years could carry out a dna test to either confirm records currently acquired connect themselves to somebody they think to be a loved one or determine what ethnic backgrounds make up their dna
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4 weeks ago by global.dwellers
The physical copies of Exploring Shadeism have arrived - so exciting! 🎉😀 Now to plan the local launch.
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Opening: Assistant Professor of African History -
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5 Star Service: A curated reading list – Data & Society: Points
"This reading list by Data & Society Postdoctoral Scholar Julia Ticona, Researcher Alexandra Mateescu, and Researcher Alex Rosenblat accompanies the new Data & Society report Beyond Disruption: How Tech Shapes Labor Across Domestic Work & Ridehailing.

As labor platforms begin to mediate work in industries with workforces marked by centuries of economic exclusion based in gender, race, and ethnicity, this report examines the ways labor platforms are shifting the rules of the game for different populations of workers.

While ridehail driving, and other male-dominated sectors have been at the forefront in conversations about the future of work, the working lives of domestic workers like housecleaners and nannies usually aren’t included. By bringing these three types of platforms and workers together, this report complicates simple narratives about technology’s impact on labor markets and highlights the convergent and divergent challenges workers face when using labor platforms to find and carry out their work.

The report weaves together often disparate communities and kinds of knowledge, and this reading list reflects this eclectic approach. Below you’ll find opinion, research, reports, and critique about gendered service work and inequality; labor platforms and contingent work; algorithmic visibility and vulnerability; and risk and safety in the gig economy.

This list is meant for readers of Beyond Disruption who want to dig more deeply into some of the key areas explored in its pages. It isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but rather give readers a jumping off point for their own investigations. Suggestions or comments? E-mail julia at datasociety dot net."
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10 weeks ago by robertogreco
Chicago Hiked the Cost of Vehicle City Sticker Violations — ProPublica
ProPublica Illinois and WBEZ analyzed millions of records from tickets dating back to 2007 and found:

Sticker citations are the least likely of the city’s routine parking tickets to get paid, with only one in three tickets issued in 2016 paid within a year. Other frequently issued tickets, including $60 street cleaning citations and $50 expired meter citations, are cheaper and more likely to end in payment.

Black neighborhoods are hit with sticker tickets at a higher rate, per household, than other parts of the city, according to an analysis of tickets from 2011 to 2015. Tickets issued by police drive the disparity.

Tickets issued in more affluent, majority white neighborhoods are more likely to get dismissed, according to an analysis of 2017 tickets. That’s in large part because motorists from those neighborhoods appeal at higher rates than drivers cited in other parts of the city.
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