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Antisemites use the language of anti-Zionism. The two are distinct | Kenan Malik | Opinion | The Guardian
Israel itself combines aspects of civic and ethnic nationalism. As the late historian Tony Judt put it in an essay for the New York Review of Books, Israel is both a democracy in which non-Jews can be citizens and “a state in which Jews and the Jewish religion have exclusive privileges from which non-Jewish citizens are forever excluded” and from which Palestinians grievously suffer. Judt faced great opprobrium for that essay, with many reviling him as “antisemitic” or a “self-hating Jew”. To oppose Zionism but not other forms of ethnic nationalism would indeed be antisemitic. But to oppose Zionism because one opposes ethnic nationalism is a legitimate view.
Judt, who in early life was a Zionist, came eventually to accept that the only lasting solution would be a single, secular state in which both Jews and Palestinians were treated equally. For anti-Zionists like Judt, “self-determination” in that piece of contested land that is Israel/Palestine should adhere to principles of civic, not ethnic, nationalism; that is, be the self-determination of the people, and only the people, who live there, whether Jews or Palestinians.
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Instant Pot Coconut Tandoori Chicken - Pinch of Yum
Serve over cauliflower rice, regular rice, put on a pizza, make Indian egg rolls etc.
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Gene A. Bunin: How the “Happiest Muslims in the World” are Coping with Their Happiness • art of life in chinese central asia
Karim, a worldly polyglot who could have easily passed for a Middle Easterner, told of how he’d sometimes go to a hotel and speak to the front-desk staff in English. Mistaking him for a foreigner, they’d tell him that there were rooms available, and then backtrack after asking him for his documents and seeing the word Uyghur on his Chinese identification card.
uygur  tragedy  story  restaurant  persecution  ethnic  interview  from instapaper
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The Best Smooth Hummus Recipe | Serious Eats
This looks like it could be the way Izmir makes their hummus!
Recipes  hummus  Seriouseats  best  classic  Izmir  copycat  Mediterranean  Ethnic  makesoon 
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