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Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund ready to start collecting funds from Ethiopians abroad
The account is opened at Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and the account number is disclosed as 1000255726725 – according to report by Fana Broadcasting Corporation.
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Adigrat Eparchy - Home Page
Gebremichael was born in 1788 at Dibo, Gojam, not far from the monastery of Mertule Mariam. In 1807 he became a novice at that same monastery. At the age of 25 he had completed his studies and had the equivalent of a "Doctorate in Ecclesiastical Sciences". Instead of pursuing a promising career, he made his solemn profession as a monk. Gebremichael had a thirst for knowledge, but not just for the sake of becoming victorious in theological controversies.

He first met Mgr. de Jacobis in 1841 when they were both members of the delegation looking for a new metropolitan in Cairo. From there he visited Rome and Jerusalem. At about this time Gebremichael's search for knowledge really became a search for truth. As a result of that search he repeatedly asked Mgr. de Jacobis to become a Catholic, but it was only in February 1844 that he was accepted.

For a short time Gebremichael taught in Alitena before heading for Gonder in September 1849. Near Adwa, together with his companions Gebremichael was arrested and put in chains. They were only released after sixty-six days and then they returned to Alitena. It was there that Mgr. de Jacobis on 1st January 1851 secretly ordained his first priest, Abba Gebremichael.
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The Ethics of Zär'a Ya'eqob: A reply to the historical and religious ... - Kidane Dawit Worku - Google Böcker
Zar'a Ya'eqob (1599-1699) was born in Aksum, Ethiopia. His Treatise is filled with a critique of what he perceivesas man-made religious laws. His ethics put reason at the centre of every investigation and makes it the measure of the validity of any doctrine or belief. For him the light of reasonis the decisive and powerful way to discover the truth. In his judgement, the religions of his time falsely preach that each of their tenets alone are the right and true ones, and base their beliefs as much on revelation as on reason. He underlines, however, on the singularity of truth: As my faith seems true to me so does the other believe that his religion is true to him. But truth is only one. He raised questions like: If God is their Creator why did the nature of human beings become so corrupted? Why is God silent while men do evil in His name, persecute their neighbours, and kill their brothers? These interrogatives demonstrate his intention to look for a response to the ethical question: What constitutes a complete, meaningful and ethical life? Zar'a Ya'eqob's call is that people may return to the original purity of religion and the acceptance of nature as created by God; hence his ethical principle: the goodness of the created nature. His ethics propagate non-violence and hold a moral guideline in seeking to live in harmony with creation because both creation and its Creator are good.
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RT : 16 yrs ago, I began working as a lawyer for the - peace process. Our office was in Asmara, in the…
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OONI - The State of Internet Censorship in Egypt
OONI today released a report analyzing the "state of Internet censorship in Egypt," a joint effort between OONI and Egypt’s Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE), finding ample evidence of censorship, including the blocking of more than 100 URLs belonging to media organizations - many times more than the 21 news websites the government ordered blocked last year. Numerous circumvention tool sites were also blocked, including those of the Tor Project and Psiphon. Read OONI's blog post summarizing the Egypt censorship report here, or the full report here (pdf):

And in case you missed it, OONI also released a report (done with Access Now) following on the news that Ethiopia's government (under new leadership) unblocked access to 264 websites.

OONi found that, indeed, "almost all of the websites previously found to be blocked seem to have been unblocked over the last month." Read OONI's Ethiopia report here.
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When we moved from to the 7 yrs ago, we couldn’t have imagined that in 2018 would be freei…
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Ethiopia unblocks more than 200 websites as reforms continue
On Friday, the Ethiopian government, under its new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, announced that it had unblocked close to 250 websites and TV channels, including many foreign media outlets.

AP reports: "Ethiopia says it has unblocked 246 websites and TV channels in the latest reform under its new prime minster, whose chief of staff says 'freedom of expression is a foundational right.' Chief of staff Fitsum Arega announced the news on Twitter as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed continues to open up the East African country after years of anti-government tensions. The blocked websites included many run overseas in the United States and elsewhere. Since Abiy took office in April, Ethiopia also has freed almost all jailed journalists and bloggers and dropped charges against activists critical of the government."
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A bomb went off during a peaceful rally today in . There were injuries & deaths. My prayers go to all thos…
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