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Why We Terminated Daily Stormer
"Now, having made that decision, let me explain why it's so dangerous."

"The issue of who can and cannot be online has often been associated with Freedom of Speech. We think the more important principle is Due Process."

over 300 comments as of 17 aug 2017.

-- Matthew Prince
Cloudflare Blog | | 16 aug 2017

Was very suspicious of Cloudflare's activities in China PRC, and now in not dropping Nazi org from their services. Feeling *much* better about Prince and Cloudflare after this explanation and also interviews i have read. Still wondering about China, will have to look deeper now.
-- tmx, 17 aug 2017
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yesterday by tometaxu
Tolerance is not a moral precept
"Tolerance is not a moral absolute -- it is a peace treaty ... the model of a peace treaty differs from the model of a moral precept in one simple way: the protection of a peace treaty only extends to those willing to abide by its terms. It is an agreement to live in peace, not an agreement to be peaceful no matter the conduct of others."

-- Yonatan Zunger
Extra Newsfeed | | 2 jan 2017
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yesterday by tometaxu
Thinking Ethically - Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Manuel Velasquez, Claire Andre,Thomas Shanks, S.J., and Michael J. Meyer
August 1, 2015
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yesterday by Frieda.Mendelsohn
Down Syndrome in Iceland: CBS News’s Disturbing Report | National Review
“It cannot be denied that the price of these diseases is high — in suffering for the individual and in burdens for society. Not to mention what parents suffer! But we can assign a value to that price: It is precisely what a society must pay to remain fully human.”
yesterday by craniac

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