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Simplify FiOS - dump Actiontec and use your own router - Forums - CNET
Simplify FiOS - dump Actiontec and use your own router by Geekery / March 17, 2016 2:42 PM PDT There are many ways FiOS network is configured inside the user’s premise depending on the bundle of services the user subscribes to. If you have Internet AND TV, and have both Ethernet (Cat 5) AND Coax cable connections coming from the ONT into a FiOS Actiontec router, this write up is for you.
FIOS  Actiontec  MOCA  rouiter  ethernet 
20 days ago by ilublo
Instant 802.3AF to USB adaptor – Ubiquiti Networks
Oh wow, a PoE ethernet to USB A charger! So you can always charge gear in a datacenter?...
802.3AF  PoE  ethernet  USB  power  adapter  charger 
5 weeks ago by asteroza

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