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Ethernet Wired Backhaul: How To – AmpliFi
You requested and we listened.  Ethernet wired backhaul is here and fully supported!
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20 days ago by ferdinandfuchs IOGEAR Universal Ethernet to Wi-Fi N Adapter for Home or Office, GWU627: Electronics
(From one of the reviews:)
“Thanks so much to the reviewers who mentioned the ‘secret squirrel’ configuration page for this device. Without those configuration options, this would not have worked for me. I’m going to mention it again in case anyone missed it. After following the directions in the manual, you can navigate to to access the advanced options. These options turn this little device into a very powerful tool. In my case I was able to change the adapter from DHCP client to DHCP server. From there I just plugged it into my TP-Link 8-port switch TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Switch (TL-SG108) and the switch distributed internet to all my devices, with dynamic IPs provided by the Iogear adapter.”
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27 days ago by handcoding
Hack My House: Running Raspberry Pi Without an SD Card | Hackaday
What does this have to do with Hacking My House? As I discussed last time, I’m using Raspberry Pi as Infrastructure by building them into the walls of every room in my house. You don’t want to drag out a ladder and screwdriver to swap out a misbehaving SD card, so booting over the network is a really good solution. I know I promised we’d discuss cabling and cameras. Think of this as a parenthetical article — we’ll talk about Ethernet and ZoneMinder next time.
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5 weeks ago by danesparza
Whooooo's In? (A WiFi Flip Board of Who's in the Office) -
Whooooo’s In is a prototype of the interactions between humans and their devices. It makes use of WiFi, laser cutting and open source code. Whooooo’s In tracks the presence of people in the workspace by constantly listening for WiFi signals identified by the MAC address. One MAC address is represented by one servo. When present, the servo (attached to a disc) rotates opening the eye to reveal the colours behind.
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6 weeks ago by dlkinney

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