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Что такое Ethereum и как он работает? | - Ohio Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Index
Что такое Ethereum и как он работает? | Ethereum (Эфириум) – это платформа распределенных приложений (Dapps), а не просто клон Биткойна. Его блокчейн содержит полноценный язык программирования. Узнайте больше об Ethereum и Ethereum Classic на Подписывайтесь на новые видео на нашем канале: Если вам понравился ролик, подкиньте нам немного биткойнов, чтобы мы могли делать новые переводы: 1JiorvYR6C9YUESwM9RSBvcL3gp137k7iF #биткойн #биткоин #bitcoin #ethereum #эфириум The post Что такое Ethereum и как он работает? | appeared first on Ohio Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Index.
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Building the Electronica 2018 Connected Stand Data Platform.

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Cryptocurrency Market Update: Proof Of Weak Hands 3D Is Expanding #Ethereum #eth #dapps - Ohio Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Index
Cryptocurrency Market Update: Proof Of Weak Hands 3D Is Expanding #Ethereum #eth #dapps Crypto World News Live. POWH4D: P4D Link: Support Ethereum Dapp Creation And Cooperation – What is P4D? PoWH3D or P3D was one of the first hourglass style contracts that autonomously pays its token holders Ethereum dividends from buys, sells and transfers which are distributed proportionally to everyones holdings. P3D has seen huge success in it’s autonomous model but there’s one thing that stops it from being a ‘functional’ token which is important for developers; you can’t transfer and call a contract externally. Let’s take the example of this exchange, if it could somehow accept P3D tokens it would make more sense because holders can just transfer it in but there’s a problem, the only method of transfer in the P3D contract is the standard ERC20 transfer() method, in P3D’s case there’s also a 10% tax on transfers. If you were to use this method to send P3D to this exchange, it would just transfer the tokens with no other action possible (there’s no callback for this contract to actually do anything with the tokens) that’s why a new method is introduced from ERC677; tran
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Solutions to Extract Data from Ethereum
Ethereum is easy and fun, but it is also relatively new. The developer solutions today are going through the teething stage - so, it’s new and cool but also slightly painful. As an example, take data extraction from the Ethereum blockchain. I’ve been keeping an eye out on solutions to access smart contract data in a decentralized way. In this article, I also include centralized data query companies and centralized analytics dashboards.
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What went wrong with Ethereum in 2018 – Deepit AG – Medium
I am convinced that Ethereum is — and has been, for the past couple of years — the most important blockchain, and the one with the best prospects for development and adoption in the immediate future…
11 days ago by brianyang
State of the Standards: A Technical Review of Current Digital Securities Standards
In recent months, businesses have begun to invest heavily in the development of solutions that apply blockchain technology to the issuance of securities and the automation of regulatory compliance. via Pocket
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