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Explosion rocks a TPC butadiene plant in Texas
An explosion at a TPC Group plant shook the community around Port Neches, Texas, at 1 a.m. on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 27. A huge fireball breaking the nighttime stillness was captured on security cameras, and damage has been reported to nearby homes.

Two TPC workers and a contractor were injured in the blast and are being treated in area hospitals. TPC says it has accounted for all of its personnel. As of 6:40 a.m., first responders were still fighting to control the resulting blaze.

The Port Neches plant takes in crude C4 chemical streams from area refineries and extracts butadiene, a raw material for synthetic rubber and engineering polymers. As of 2012, when the company last disclosed financial information to the public, the site had a capacity to produce about 220,000 metric tons of butadiene per year. It also sells coproduct C4 streams.

TPC bought the facility from Huntsman Corp. in 2006. At one time, the site also made the fuel additive methyl tert-butyl ether.

The private equity firms SK Capital and First Reserve bought TPC in 2012. In early 2018, TPC announced it would expand crude C4 processing capacity through small improvement projects at its plants. The company claims a 35% share of the North American butadiene market,
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Ethereum Transaction 0xb12fa2d788e32a35488c1eb97948041619a3c7fd78993556ce1f947cfa3bafc1
Registered a free ens domain mxs.etherbase.eth for my first ether wallet via the metamask firefox extension
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june 2019 by quoudten
4/ The Block reports that $185 million in and has been withdrawn from BItfinex's cold wallets. It a…
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What Is Ethereum?
We dive into one of the world's most popular cryptocurrencies, from a simple explanation of what Ethereum is to some of the currency's uses and drawbacks (and what it has to do with cats).
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The Source Of Ultimate Human Intelligence - Siddha Performance
The reason that some are visionaries and artists is not because they are more “intelligent.” It is because they are more Available.
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Imagine a world where all , and other mining processors were turned to a cause like curi…
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