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CSX train derails on Jacksonville's Northside
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A CSX train derailed Sunday night near the Busch plant on Jacksonville's Northside.

A major cleanup is underway as eight rail cars, two of which were carrying ethanol, went off the tracks around 10 p.m. at Main Street North and Busch Drive, reported CSX. They confirm no one was injured in the incident and there are no indications of any leaks.

However, the cleanup could take several days as the two rail cars carrying ethanol derailed into Cedar Creek.
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8 weeks ago by dchas
No charges for UI student in flaming-alcohol accident at frat
URBANA — In order to get insurance to pay for injuries to a University of Illinois student who was burned by a friend during an alcohol-fueled mishap, the state will not file criminal charges against the friend.

University of Illinois police had issued Erik Beitel, 21, a senior in computer science, a notice to appear in court Thursday for possible criminal charges stemming from a Sept. 27 drinking-related accident at his fraternity.

State’s Attorney Julia Rietz said Wednesday she has decided not to file reckless-conduct charges against Beitel because the UI’s disciplinary system is dealing with him and because his parents’ homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover the victim’s injuries if Beitel is criminally charged.

Rietz said she’s been in contact with the injured student’s family and they also prefer that no criminal charges be filed against Beitel so that his family’s insurance can help with the expense of caring for their son, a 19-year-old UI freshman.

About 11 p.m. that Thursday, Champaign firefighters and UI police were called to the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity, 1110 S. Second St., C, where two young men had reportedly been burned.

A Champaign Fire Department investigative report said a group of people were in a second-floor room with Beitel, preparing to drink flaming shots of Everclear and Jagermeister.

The report said Beitel told a fire investigator he poured Jagermeister, a hard liquor, into a shot glass, then poured Everclear, a grain alcohol, on top.
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october 2018 by dchas
Update: Chemical spill in UPS truck was ethanol
The toxic-substance spill at the center of a hazardous-materials incident involving a UPS delivery truck on Bohannon Drive in Menlo Park on Tuesday (Oct. 2) was ethanol, not benzonitril, a cyanide-related chemical originally thought to have leaked from a package in the truck.

A battalion chief from the Menlo Park Fire Protection District, after determining that the spill was contained inside the truck, allowed UPS officials on the scene to call in a clean-up crew under contract to UPS, according to fire district Chief Harold Schapelhouman.

The private clean-up crew, in protective suits, made a video recording of the truck's interior that showed a leak coming from a gallon-sized container of ethanol, Schapelhouman said in a press statement.

The incident began with the UPS driver, a 41-year-old man, calling 911 at 10:24 a.m. to report difficulty breathing and requesting medical assistance, Schapelhouman said. The driver also called UPS management, and representatives of the company arrived simultaneously with paramedics from the fire district, Schapelhouman said.
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october 2018 by dchas
Tanker carrying 8,500 gallons of ethanol overturns, shuts down parts SB Highway 61
An accident involving a tanker truck has shut down lanes of southbound Highway 61 at Highway OO.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said a tanker truck carrying 8500 gallons of ethanol and was leaking and overturned, spilling the fuel onto the highway. The MSHP said three compartments from the truck's tanker were ruptured and leaking.

Authorities have closed the highway off from Eolia to Bowling Green.

The Department of Natural Resources was requested. Authorities said the spill has been contained.

Hazmat crews have responded from local counties although authorities said the spill is not hazardous.
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october 2018 by dchas
Wichita, Kansas News, Weather, Sports
Fire officials have asked residents near a biofuels plant in southwest Kansas to evacuate their homes as they fight a fire at the plant.

The fire was reported at around 11:30 a.m. at EGE Products near Minneola. Crews from Ford and Clark counties responded to the fire.

Ford County Fire Lt. James Warnke said the fire at the plant, which primarily makes ethanol, was contained after about four hours. He said crews were waiting for the blaze to burn out at the plant.

No injuries were reported.

The Clark County Sheriff's Office said on Facebook that residents up to 4 miles north and 4 miles west of the plant were asked to evacuate because of concerns about the smoke and possible chemicals in the smoke.
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june 2018 by dchas
Chemistry safety experts and government agencies warn schools to stop unsafe science demonstrations
The science experiment that caused a flash fire, injuring 17 children and a teacher at Merrol Hyde Magnet School on Wednesday was not a surprise to chemical safety experts across the country. They have been warning schools about unsafe lab demonstrations for years. 

Word traveled fast to members of the American Chemical Society, Division of Chemical Health and Safety. Samuella B. Sigmann, a lecturer and Chemical Hygiene Officer at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, monitors chemical safety incidents. She has documented 32 similar incidents at school labs across the country, that injured at least 164 children and teachers. 

The experiments used in schools have names like Green Flame, Rainbow Flame, Whoosher Bottle, and Alcohol Cannon, and all involve alcohol-fueled flame tests. 

Sigmann says, "Safety professionals have been watching and trying to figure out how to prevent teachers from using flammable solvents in classroom experiments and demonstrations without proper ventilation and preventative controls in place."  


Exactly how the fire started on Wednesday has not been released by Sumner County Schools. But it involved a chemical reaction caused by mixing boric acid and ethyl alcohol, according to Dr. Berchaun Nicholls, the Emergency Room physician who decontaminated and treated half a dozen children for burns at TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center.

Safety alerts have come from the American Chemical Society, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, the National Science Teachers Association and the National Fire Protection Agency, among others. For years, they have been warning teachers to use alternatives to alcohol- based flame tests or at least use safety equipment like fume hoods.  

(Photo: U.S. Chemical Safety Board) 
Dr. Ken Roy, Chief Safety Compliance Advisor at the NSTA, says, “schools have a legal responsibility, under duty or standard of care, to make sure teachers are trained in how to work with, store and dispose of chemicals in a safer way before working in school science labs with students.”

He says before any experiment or demonstration, teachers must do a hazard analysis, a risk assessment and a review of safety actions with equipment like safety goggles and gloves on hand. And there should be a dry run first, without students in place. The NSTA provides many resources like its safety portal and safety blog to help teachers.

Roy is also Director of Environmental Health and Chemical Safety for Glastonbury Schools in Connecticut. He warns teachers should never do an experiment involving alcohol and an active flame or sparks out in the open on a demonstration desk.  If they must use alcohol, instead of a safer alternative, do it under a lab fume hood.
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may 2018 by dchas
Hazmat spill briefly closes Budd Lake road
MOUNT OLIVE -- Traffic was diverted briefly on Crease Road in the Budd Lake section of the township on Wednesday morning as crews worked to clean up a hazmat spill, police said.

Just after 9:30 a.m., police arrived at the scene and determined that the driver of an 18-wheeler vehicle was making a commercial delivery when the items located inside his trailer had shifted, forcing open the doors.

The load consisted of methyl alcohol that was being transported in large drums to an industrial facility in the International Trade Center, police said.

Police said 270 gallon totes fell from the truck and one of them cracked, and as a result, spilled about two gallons onto the ground.

Members of the Picatinny Arsenal and Morris County HAZMAT units arrived on scene to pump the methyl alcohol into an unused tote to remediate the incident, police said.
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may 2018 by dchas
The Politics of Mate Choice
TABLE 1 Spousal Concordance on 16 Traits Pearson’s r (n)

Church attendance .714 (4950)
W-P Index (28 items) .647 (3984)
Drinking frequency .599 (4984)
Political party support .596 (4547)
Education .498 (4957)
Height .227 (4964)
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december 2017 by nhaliday
Ethanol Release in Iowa Truck Rollover
The Dubuque County Sheriff's Office says 1,500 gallons of of ethanol leaked after a semi rolled on Old Hwy Road around 1:00 on Monday afternoon.
Most of that ethanol was contained before it could enter any waterways; however, the road between Graf Road and Dutch Lane Road are closed until further notice.
A HazMat team from Ankeny was called in to help. 
The semi driver, Carl Gravel, was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.
Deputies say Gravel, from Dyersville, lost control of the semi when he was turning a corner. 
We do not know if weather was a factor, but at the time of the crash, snow was falling in the area.
The damage to the semi and the tanker are estimated at more than $100,000.
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december 2017 by dchas
Innovator Energy
Interesting CCS system, but I wonder how flue gas contaminants screw up the bubbler solvent chemistry
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december 2017 by asteroza
Time for Action on Flawed Ethanol Mandate | Economics21
America has a long decades-long history of propping up corn ethanol, dating back to a 40 cent-per-gallon subsidy in 1978. In 2005, the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program came into effect, requiring refineries to blend biofuels into their gasoline. The statute calls for the annual volume to increase to 36 billion gallons by 2022, with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determining volume requirements for the years after that. The EPA recently released a notice reviewing options for the program, including a reduction in the total renewable fuel volume requirement or changing the way it treats ethanol exports in relation to the mandate.
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november 2017 by Jswindle
Alcohol consumption and lifetime change in cognitive ability: a gene × environment interaction study | SpringerLink
We found a significant gene × alcohol consumption interaction on lifetime cognitive change (p = 0.007). Individuals with higher genetic ability to process alcohol showed relative improvements in cognitive ability with more consumption, whereas those with low processing capacity showed a negative relationship between cognitive change and alcohol consumption with more consumption.
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october 2017 by nhaliday

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