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People – Game Technology Center | ETH Zurich
The ETH Game Technology Center (GTC) provides an umbrella over ETH research, teaching, and outreach in the area of game technology.
The ETH GTC connects research groups across ETH that are working on technology relevant and impactful for the game industry. By providing a unifying umbrella over these activities, the ETH GTC focuses discourse about the impact of ETH technology on the field of gaming, both from an academic and industrial perspective. Initiatives spearheaded by the GTC directly address the unique way in which gaming can impact real-world challenges through gamification of socio-economic behavior.
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Huge Ethereum Mixer – cyber • Blog
Analyzing the Ethereum transactions, cyber•Fund has come across a finding that struck us so much that we rushed to dig deeper into this issue. We now wish to share our findings with a community…
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Don't fucking talk shit about blockchain.

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