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Muffins and Cookies and Bagels, Oh My by Anon
Either Phil or Clint stress bakes. The baked goods that just appear in the SHIELD break-room are always the best but no one knows who made them. Cue investigation.
author:Anonymous  Clint/Coulson  ClintBarton  PhilCoulson  mood:Humour  Mood:WAFF  Rating:PG  TonyStark  fandom:Avengers  EstablishedRelationships  focus:Food  source:ClintCoulsonMeme 
november 2012 by sevter
Section 6, Paragraph 4, Article J: fraternization - bluehwys
Phil was Maria's handler when she joined SHIELD. They have been in an established relationship since, (that's the reason she knew his Captain America vintage cards were in his locker when he was stabbed by Loki). Of course both of them believe that their job is more important that anything else, so I'd like to see them having sex one night when Fury calls one of them for an emergency and they just stop mid-action without problems because national security is a priority.
fandom:Avengers  PhilCoulson  MariaHill  Coulson/Hill  Rating:NC-17  NickFury  EstablishedRelationships  author:bluehwys  SliceofLife 
august 2012 by sevter
The Gift of Idunn - shell
"This is a great boon," Thor said reverently as he picked up the sphere, which remained a dull silver color. "It is for the restoration of what is lost, for the righting of wrongs. It was a gift from the goddess Idunn."
author:Shell  fandom:Avengers  Tortured  ClintBarton  PhilCoulson  Clint/Coulson  Pining!Fic  SkippingUniverses  DeathFic  EstablishedRelationships  Rating:NC-17  wc:010001-015000 
august 2012 by sevter
Scars of a Type - Moonrose91
Both Clint and Phil's bodies are a patchwork of scars because, no matter how hard the medical team tries, they always end up with at least one more scar.

Just not all of those scars can be seen.
fandom:Avengers  ClintBarton  PhilCoulson  NatashaRomanov  Clint/Coulson  EstablishedRelationships  FakeDeath  author:Moonrose91  Rating:R  wc:001001-005000  illness:PTSD  HurtComfort  Tortured 
august 2012 by sevter
In the backseat - sirona
Clint isn't thinking of much, in that moment, other than the fact that there are four Ice Giants bearing down on him at speeds that make them blur faintly. It's pure instinct, really, no space for thought, consideration -- no time, either. He does the one thing he thinks--hopes--will keep him alive; he turns, sprints along the roof, trusts, like he has never allowed himself to trust anything (anyone) before in his life, and leaps out into empty space.
fandom:Avengers  ClintBarton  Clint/Coulson  PhilCoulson  EstablishedRelationships  Rating:NC-17  kink:BDSM  wc:005001-010000  author:Sirona  TeamFic 
july 2012 by sevter
Follow You Into The Dark - Misachan
"What I'm saying is that the deal you're proposing isn't exactly very balanced, is it? Trade one soul for over eighty lives? What kind of a business do you think we're running here?" She stepped very close to him, running one manicured fingernail against his lower lip. Her breath smelled like sulfur. "Especially a soul we were likely to get anyway."
author:Misachan  fandom:Avengers  fandom:GoodOmens  PhilCoulson  NickFury  NatashaRomanov  ClintBarton  Crossovers  Clint/Coulson  Clint/Phil/Natasha  Rating:R  wc:010001-015000  HelaLokidottir  EstablishedRelationships  Tortured 
july 2012 by sevter
let's save our lives from the coming tide - haipollai
The first time Phil meets Clint Barton, he’s in handcuffs. He looks exhausted, there are bags under his eyes and he slumps in the hard metal chair. “The FBI wants you hung out to dry.” Phil drops the file on the table in between them. Clint looks at the file and then slowly tilts his head up to look at him.

“You look like FBI.”

Phil smiles dryly. “My organization prefers to hide in plain sight. Looking like the FBI serves that purpose.” Barton snorts, it might even be a laugh.

“And what organization is that?”
author:Haipollai  fandom:Avengers  PhilCoulson  ClintBarton  NatashaRomanov  Clint/Phil/Natasha  Rating:R  Mood:WAFF  EstablishedRelationships  Pre-Canon  Clint/Natasha  mood:Hopeful  kink:Threesome+ 
july 2012 by sevter
Hold, Release - Morgane (smilla840)
During a mission, Phil decides he needs to learn how to use a bow. Once they get home Clint obliges.
fandom:Avengers  PhilCoulson  ClintBarton  Clint/Coulson  Rating:NC-17  author:Morgane  wc:001001-005000  Mood:WAFF  EstablishedRelationships 
july 2012 by sevter
Iceman - Kalimyre
Mycroft at a conference with Lestrade, and Greg feeling him up under the table, and this causes Mycroft to blush bright scarlet. Swiftly followed by frantic semi-public sex in which they keep shushing each other and Greg puts his hand over Mycroft's mouth right at the end because he knows Mycroft is loud when he comes.
fandom:SherlockHolmes  MycroftHolmes  Mycroft/Lestrade  GregLestrade  SMUT  kink:PublicSex  kink:DelayedOrgasm  EstablishedRelationships  Rating:NC-17  wc:001001-005000  author:Kalimyre 
june 2012 by sevter
Psychic Case Files - gryvon
Shawn's next case turns out to be more than he expected. He's got more than keen observational powers at his disposal, thanks to a run-in with a true fortune-teller who leaves him with psychic abilities of his own.
fandom:Psych  CarltonLassiter  ShawnSpencer  Shawn/Lassiter  GustonBuster  author:Gryvon  HurtComfort  Psychic  EstablishedRelationships  kink:BDSM  illness:PTSD  Rating:NC-17  wc:030001-060000  CaseFiles 
april 2012 by sevter
Father Charles - Yahtzee
"It's still the early 1960s. Charles grew up devoutly religious, went to seminary and took orders.

And for the few years he's been a priest, he's been a good one. He coordinates volunteering and assistance for several charities in New York City, where his parish is, and doesn't mind the life of poverty he leads (though his sister Raven sometimes comes in from upstate to ask him if he doesn't miss champagne at all.)

Then he comes up with the idea of partnering with a Jewish organization that helps the poor, which meets with some resistance from the Catholic brass -- but Charles is firm that all children are God's children and they should do what's right.

Then he meets Erik Lehnsherr, the devout Jew and Holocaust survivor who runs that other charity, who is so fiercely protective of his charges that it moves Charles' heart -- and the first time their eyes meet, Charles has to confront the greatest temptation he'll ever know, and the church's teachings about what love is."
author:Yahtzee63  fandom:X-Men  ErikLehnsherr(Magneto)  CharlesXavier  Charles/Erik  AU  focus:Religion  work:Religious  AU:Historical  WarFic  DevelopingFeelings  FirstTimes  EstablishedRelationships  KidFic  RavenDarkholme(Mystique)  wc:030001-060000  work:Soldier  focus:Homophobia 
april 2012 by sevter
Gifts - spuffyduds
Erik leans down to say soft and low in his ear, "You would be beautiful in a collar."

Charles gasps and stumbles. Erik laughs, loud now, and grabs an elbow to keep him from falling outright.
author:Spuffyduds  fandom:X-Men  SMUT  kink:BDSM  EstablishedRelationships  CharlesXavier  Charles/Erik  ErikLehnsherr(Magneto)  Rating:NC-17  wc:001001-005000 
april 2012 by sevter
Assist - james
Clint comes awake all at once, but he doesn't know where he is or what's going on because it's dark and he's splayed out on his back and the single most urgent thing is someone is choking him. He jerks his head away, but they're holding on tight with one hand on the back of his head and one hand over his mouth and he can't breathe. He yanks at his head again and he's trying to get his hands up, shove whoever it is away and his arms are tangled in something, held down.
fandom:Avengers  PhilCoulson  ClintBarton  Clint/Coulson  HurtComfort  author:James  EstablishedRelationships  Rating:PG-13  wc:001001-005000 
april 2012 by sevter
Going Steady by Grenegome
Summary: Kincaid sleeps with Dresden on a semi-regular basis. He isn't prepared for his feelings about this.

|| I got stupider. I got to imagining-the-slow-evisceration-of-John-Marcone levels of stupid, and if he didn’t get the fuck out of Dresden’s personal space right that minute, I was going to introduce an additional personal space to his intestines.

Marcone’s bodyguard was eyeing me.

I knew why. I had my weight on the balls of my feet, ready to move, tense in all the places that telegraphed fight.

Down boy, I told myself.
via:Carnadosa  fandom:TDF  JaredKincaid  HarryDresden  Dresden/Kincaid  author:GrenEgome  EstablishedRelationships  Oblivious  Rating:NC-17  wc:005001-010000  mood:Humour 
april 2012 by sevter

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