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Thanks to everyone who came together to successfully campaign to in and across whe…
SaveOurLibraries  Harlow  Essex  from twitter_favs
7 days ago by tolkien
Library cuts and closures stop here! We will NOT allow any more reductions of library services in Our librar…
Essex  from twitter_favs
12 days ago by tolkien
The invention of Essex: how a county became a caricature | News | The Guardian
Where I’m from. I’m wondering if this is a Zazzle strategy by the Guardian — they’ll now produce a clickbaity article on every UK county.
essex  uk  timburrows 
18 days ago by philgyford
The invention of Essex: how a county became a caricature | News | The Guardian
From Loadsamoney and ‘Basildon man’ to Towie and Brexit – Essex has long been held up as both the authentic England and the crudest, stupidest symbol of Englishness.
Essex  history  culture  identity  politics  UK  Guardian  2019 
18 days ago by inspiral
Home | Essex Design Guide
Click the images to explore the common themes and sections of the Essex Design Guide.
essex  design  guide 
4 weeks ago by robotattack
RT : The Round House, Cliff Way, Frinton-on-Sea (1935-8) by Oliver Hill
frinton  essex  from twitter
4 weeks ago by tonys
RT : Moray, Easton Way, Frinton-on-Sea (1935-8) by Oliver Hill
essex  from twitter
5 weeks ago by tonys
RT : Photo: Labworth Cafe. Canvey Island (1933) by Ove Arup
arup  essex  from twitter
april 2019 by tonys
Twitter @ceephax
"not much changed studio-wise since 1997, just some extra bits have come n gone... a few stayed.. "  photo  image  scan  1997  1990s  ceephax_acid_crew  musician  instrument  electronic  u.k.  essex  from twitter_favs
april 2019 by cluebucket
THE ESSEX SERPENT is a Study in Victorian Values
This book was a lot of fun >>> THE ESSEX SERPENT is a Study in Victorian Values
essex  serpent 
february 2019 by waynewilliamberninger
Art Deco Essex house virtually unchanged since the 1930s up for auction | Homes and Property
An Art Deco house — one of only 15 of its kind — is for sale for the first time since it was built. Virtually untouched since the Thirties, the four-bedroom house in Chadwell St Mary in Essex is a rare example of a Sunspan home.
architecture  property  auction  deco  design  history  chadwell-st-mary  essex 
february 2019 by asaltydog
Best Places to Live in Essex County, Massachusetts
North Andover
...with Salem coming in at 20
Essex  County  Salem  Andover  Marblehead  MA 
january 2019 by dbourn

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