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Star Wars: Droids Are Slaves | National Review
If you’re opposed to slavery, is it okay to still like Star Wars?
fantasy  philosophy  essays 
16 hours ago by Kjaleshire
Language: The Most Disruptive Technology | Hoover Institution
The e-revolution in communication is threatening the stability of the American republic. 
language  essays  philosophy 
4 days ago by Kjaleshire
Her Left Hand, The Darkness | Alison Smith | Granta Magazine
«I never contacted her to tell her how much she’d meant to me. I thought it would be too much of a bother, that any moment in which I managed to catch her attention would be a moment away from her work. And perhaps I still thought of her as a god. Like a god, she was fixed, undying, a permanent feature in this ever-darkening world. The day before she died, I had spent my morning walk talking to her in my head, arranging and rearranging the words I’d say to her when I finally found the courage to approach her. I thought she’d always be there, waiting for me to stop fetching plates of fruit from the hors d’oeuvres table and to finally take a seat beside her, open my mouth and speak.»
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5 days ago by brennen
George Orwell: Why Socialists Don't Believe In Fun
Why Socialists Don't Believe In Fun, the article of George Orwell. First published: December 20, 1943 by/in Tribune, GB, London
essays  authors  socialism 
7 days ago by Kjaleshire
Diary of a Teenage Boy by Len Lukowski - Wasafiri Magazine
When I asked for testosterone, I wasn’t sure, though I did not let on at the clinic. Two years later, when I was finally actually prescribed the stuff, I still wasn’t sure. Again, I did not let on. Unlike every other massive, life-changing decision, they want you to be 100% sure about this. Is there such a thing as 100% sure? I stopped and started many times, particularly in the first year, fearing I would become estranged from myself. I had a moment about a year in when I looked in the mirror and first saw a face like a ‘normal dude’ staring back at me and it scared the shit out of me.

It’s funny though, people think the medical gatekeepers are there to save us from doing something we regret. I probably would have taken T a lot later, maybe even held off taking it forever, had I not had to wait two years to get it. The thought of declining it then deciding that in a year it was definitely what I wanted to do, only to wait another two years to be prescribed it was really more than my impulsive nature could bear, so I thought, fuck it. Life is short. And the times I went off it, when I started being read as a woman again, I couldn’t cope. Should it matter how a bunch of strangers see you? Since starting T I’ve been learning to play the violin. I play it badly, but that’s beside the point. I think about the point of tension on the bow, on the strings, what a delicate balancing act it all is. I am trying to make a clumsy metaphor for my experience of transition, the points of tension in my body, in my brain, between myself and others. I love the sense of masculinity testosterone has given me, even with the increased grumpiness and the fact that I sometimes feel about 30% stupider. I can’t really say why I’ve been struggling lately, or why it dissipates. It’s like waves. I mean I’m sure they know the reason waves rise and fall, but I’m just happy to watch them. By the sea, near the public art that looks like giant orange shopping bags, is a statue of a depressed sailor boy, head bowed, contemplating his demons and it makes me happy, I feel like I’ve found a kindred spirit. I go down to the beach for a final time. Feel invisible again, walking the beach alone, watching dogs and waves. I step into a patch of sand where a spot of sunlight lands through the clouds, momentarily warm. I have always been hungry for the sea. There’s something about the swell of the waves and the smell of salt, something so vast, coursing with colour and strange, undiscovered life. Potential.
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8 days ago by themadstork
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9 days ago by meldaresearch

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