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Expresso | Malditas elites
Um texto empolgado pelas declarações de Ferraz das Costa, "que herdou a empresa de que é dono e passou décadas no conforto dos gabinetes da CIP", sobre a vontade de trabalhar dos Portugueses, apontando algumas hipocrisias na sociedade Portuguesa, calhando apontar o dedo à Deloitte num caso de exemplo, e acaba de uma excelente forma:
"[..]não somos, não somos mesmo, um povo de pessoas que não querem trabalhar. Faltam-nos é patrões de jeito."
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2 days ago by hthief
“The Borgias” vs. “Borgia: Faith and Fear” (accuracy in historical fiction) – Ex Urbe
Historian Ada Palmer's essay on enjoying historical fiction even if it's not accurate, and what makes a fiction "feel" accurate.
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2 days ago by look
'In the Name of the Mother' by Louise Omer — The Lifted Brow
Names form our identity. I never saw myself as bowing to pressure, when I signed my new name on my marriage certificate. But neither did I question it.

I walked down that aisle on my father's arm (who wore, spectacularly, a bowler hat and a waxed moustache). And I took my husband's name. I was so distracted by the story of our love that I missed the structural reality. My transition of identity – moving from my father’s house to my husband’s – was signified by surname. I thought that because I chose freely, patriarchal power was nullified. But, in reality, I was passed from one male authority to another.
4 days ago by ineptshieldmaid
‘Call Me By Your Name’ Made Me Realize What the Closet Stole From Me
It’s no surprise than Elio succumbs to that most dreaded of pitfalls: imitation. “I tried imitating him a few times,” he admits. “But I was too self-conscious, like someone trying to feel natural while walking about naked in a locker room only to end up aroused by his own nakedness.” The novel plunges you deep into this mirrored sensibility where desire and identification are intertwined. As is obvious from its title, Elio’s plight is sutured to the near-narcissistic idea of same-sex desire. “Call me me by your name and I’ll call you by mine,” Oliver tells him as they lay in bed in post-coital bliss once they finally give in to their lust for one another.
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