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What Socialism Is and Is Not, For Dummies. |
Ostensibly written to combat ignorance, but so in-your-face it's not apt to convince anyone who isn't already neutral on the matter.
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yesterday by mindways
Seven tough lessons from ten years in bootstrapped business | Likewise a Blog
First, well-paid tech consultants are paid for the fact that the intersection of many different technical skill sets is present in a single person, likely coupled with some niche domain knowledge of a particular industry. It’s near-impossible to hire anyone who is not of an identical profile to help you with that and grow the business beyond yourself. There are only so many hours in the day, and only so many hours you can bill. That is the limit of your business model and your compensation.

Even if you are somehow able to afford to pay a competitive market salary (I wasn’t), the likelihood of finding someone with the mixture of skills you need is very low, and this becomes exponentially more true as you get into rarefied niches. In IP telephony, for example, hiring most IT people off the street is of limited value; in all cases, you’re going to have to educate and train someone in the folk knowledge you use to ply the trade. That can take months, or even years, during which time you’re burning scarce cash and cannibalising your own (ostensibly billable) time.

Another peculiarity of niche consulting work is that you may have to pay these folk quite a lot, as their salaries need to be competitive with what they could otherwise command elsewhere in the market with their legitimately valuable skills. That’s a hard pill to swallow if they don’t have the specific skills you need.
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2 days ago by 1luke2
Credit Freezes are Free: Let the Ice Age Begin — Krebs on Security
A post on how to freeze your credit, and why it's important to get that specifically rather than other, confusingly-similar services.
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5 days ago by mindways
Common Cyborg | Jillian Weise | Granta
To Haraway, the cyborg is a matter of fiction, a struggle over life and death, a modern war orgy, a map, a condensed image, a creature without gender. The manifesto coopts cyborg identity while eliminating reference to disabled people on which the notion of the cyborg is premised. Disabled people who use tech to live are cyborgs. Our lives are not metaphors.
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6 days ago by herdivineshadow
Was There an AIDS Contract?
I heard about Jakob Segal's theory that the AIDS virus originated in a
US government biological warfare research laboratory in early 1989.
After some preliminary research, I was amazed to find that this shocking
theory had received no attention whatsoever in the mainstream American
press, and almost none in Europe.

The questions this theory raised were a matter of pure science, or so it
seemed to me. There were only three possibilities: 1) Segal was wrong;
2) he was right; 3) it could not be determined either way. I resolved to
find out which of these was true.
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7 days ago by stjp

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