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What's your idle? - Matthew Warner
Everywhere else, my smartphone was my idle. If I was standing in line at the grocery store, waiting in the doctor’s office, waiting at a traffic light, walking to a meeting or even waiting for a commercial break to finish – basically, anytime I had an idle moment – I reached for my front right pocket. I don’t know how many times each day I found myself in the middle of opening my phone and not even really knowing why. I’d flip through endless pages of interesting apps, fun games, social networks and email…just because. My cell phone was my idle, too.
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2 days ago by kimme
Living with Ignorance in a World of Experts
Another kind of track record that we might care about is not about the expert’s performance, qua expert, but about her record of epistemic integrity. This will be important for helping provide reasonably well supported answers to (Q3) and (Q4) in particular. Anderson (2011) offers some related ideas in her discussion of “criteria for judging honesty” and “criteria for judging epistemic responsibility.” Things we might be interested include the following:
• evidence of previous expert-related dishonesty (e.g. plagiarism, faking data)
• evidence of a record of misleading statements (e.g. cherry-picking data, quotations out of context)
• evidence of a record of misrepresenting views of expert opponents
• evidence of evasion of peer-review or refusal to allow other experts to assess work
• evidence of refusal to disclose data, methodology, or detailed results
• evidence of refusal to disclose results contrary to the expert’s own views
• evidence of “dialogic irrationality”: repeating claims after they have been publicly refuted, without responding to the refutations
• evidence of a record of “over-claiming” of expertise: claiming expertise beyond the expert’s domain of expertise
• evidence of a record of “lending” one’s expertise to support other individuals or institutions that themselves lack epistemic integrity in some of the above ways
• evidence of being an “opinion for hire”—offering expert testimony for pay, perhaps particularly if that testimony conflicts with other things the expert has said
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3 days ago by nhaliday
[FoR&AI] The Seven Deadly Sins of Predicting the Future of AI – Rodney Brooks
"When you see pundits warn about the forthcoming wonders or terrors of robotics and Artificial Intelligence I recommend carefully evaluating their arguments against these seven pitfalls. In my experience one can always find two or three or four of these problems with their arguments.

Predicting the future is really hard, especially ahead of time."
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5 days ago by mechazoidal
When A Woman Deletes A Man’s Comment Online – The Establishment
Many western debates have had a strong element of privilege running throughout their history. To be able to imbibe at a salon, stand at a podium, or sit at a roundtable while sparring about the minutia of important issues requires a surplus of time, a dispassionate objectivity, and a platform that many don’t have the luxury of possessing around issues that can be life or death. We live in a world where the most hotly debated issues surround questions of women’s rights, health care, racism and racial oppression, immigration, trans rights, reproductive rights, and religious discrimination. To be able to take issues fundamental to the health and safety of millions of people and turn them into sport where winners and losers are decided by talking points requires some level of insulation from the negative impacts of the outcome in order to enjoy participating.
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5 days ago by Vaguery
Hey, Looks Like It’s Time Once Again For Me to Talk About Writing On Politics – Whatever
Because of the election and all, I’ve gotten a few people griping to me about the fact I write about politics here and in other places. It’s been a while since I talked extensively about me writing about politics, and also, about the more general topic of entertainers and creative people who talk about politics, and the people who tell them to shut up about it. So let’s talk about these things, shall we. -==- For ease of discussion, I’ve broken this up into ten points. The first five are about me specifically, and are short. The second five are more general, and rather longer. Ready? Let’s get to it.
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6 days ago by jchris
Benjamin Law brings truth to the Safe Schools furore | SBS Sexuality
Law argues that the silencing of young LGBTIQ people - a demographic with alarmingly high rates of suicide - and the assault on a resource designed to protect them, is part of a bigger picture.

“People feel a deep discomfort about the idea that kids have any cognisance or consciousness of their sexuality or gender and that to talk about it is to somehow influence kids into becoming transgender or gay,” he says. “The subtext in all of this, when you talk about the gay ideology, is that somehow you can turn kids out of their neutral heterosexual, cisgender identity into something that is abnormal and pathological. That’s a really deeply homophobic 1950s mindset that I thought was behind us.”
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9 days ago by ineptshieldmaid

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