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Homepage - Caffè motive
Caffemotive è un'azienda specializzata nella ricerca e sviluppo di nuove tecnologie per il mondo e la cultura del caffè, con sede a Trieste, coffee cluster internazionale.
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19 days ago by gilberto5757
Android UI Automation: Part 1, Building Trust – Several People Are Coding
Developer-driven automated testing is vital to the ongoing health and quality of a codebase. It does, however, come with a noticeable cost. This is especially true of UI testing — an area often…
android  ui  espresso  test  functional 
23 days ago by lgtout
Android Testing part 3: Espresso tests from 0 to 1 – AndroidPub
There are many kinds of applications out there. However, most can relate to this simple application which fetches data from a remote source and displays the data to the user. This tutorial will…
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23 days ago by lgtout

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