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New details, renderings emerge for Statue of Liberty museum (, 12/22/2016)
The Architect's Newspaper is the most authoritative voice on architecture and design in the United States.
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december 2016 by davidkoren
New Statue of Liberty Museum Planned (WSJ, 6/9/2016)
As the Statue of Liberty nears its 130th anniversary, a new free-standing 20,000-square-foot museum is being planned that would accommodate far more people than the current exhibition space in the statue’s pedestal.
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june 2016 by davidkoren
Nine innovations designed to improve our work lives in 2015. (Slate, 12/30/2015)
Here are 9 office-related innovations covered on the Eye that were designed to improve our work lives in 2015.
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december 2015 by davidkoren
ESI Design’s the Beacon in Pittsburgh’s PNC Plaza is a data-driven light sculpture that broadcasts the building’s energy use. (Slate, 10/13/2015)
Yet another building claiming to be the world’s greenest opened at the beginning of this month in Pittsburgh, a city still associated more in the public im
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october 2015 by davidkoren
Data-Driven Chandelier Translates PNC Tower's Real-Time Building Performance Into Audiovisual Displays (Architect Magazine, 10/27/2015)
The installation conveys information about the skyscraper's energy and water use, recycling, composting, natural ventilation, and daylighting levels.
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october 2015 by davidkoren

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