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When time became regular and universal, it changed history
"The end-times achieved a kind of temporal integration, like the backing a mirror needs if we are to see anything. They converted the experience of one-thing-after-another into a narrative plot. No longer was time passing away, empty and irredeemable, tick-tick-tick; it now had meaning and an ending, tick-tock."
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may 2019 by jntolva
Pursuing a Playful Liturgy | Thought to Action | Regent World
Chesterton's idea that we are naturally serious is a really interesting one - the idea that we tend to weightiness rather than delight rings true - it's why there's a class clown, because if everyone was a class clown then the one who stood out would be the one "serious/intent" on their study:
"Seriousness is not a virtue,” G. K. Chesterton states in his marvelous book Orthodoxy. “It would be a heresy,” he continues, “but a much more sensible heresy, to say that seriousness is a vice. It is really a natural trend or lapse into taking one's self gravely, because it is the easiest thing to do. It is much easier to write a good Times leading article than a good joke in Punch. For solemnity flows out of men naturally, but laughter is a leap. It is easy to be heavy: hard to be light. Satan fell by the force of gravity."

The following is an example of playful theology from the mid-twentieth century Swiss Reformed theologian, Jean-Jacques von Allmen:
If [the church] is open to the world through its apostolic ministry, it is open to heaven through its liturgical ministry. It is only because of this dual opening that there can come from it something orientated towards the world, namely the Gospel, and something orientated towards heaven, namely thanksgiving and intercession. In fact, if I may be so bold as to use the metaphor, it is like a tin of condensed milk: if you wish to make it flow, you must pierce two holes.

The eschatological impact of God's work as a driving force of humor is a compelling idea.
...a sense of humour is required of the Christian at worship because of God’s good future. Again, Barth points us in the right direction. He writes, "humour undoubtedly means that we do not take the present with ultimate seriousness, not because it is not serious enough in itself, but because God's future, which breaks into the present, is more serious.” Such a future, he clarifies, “declares itself implicitly as laughter and tears." If our present worship is a foretaste of the worship that marks the eschaton, then the practice of joy and laughter in worship today becomes an act of eschatological faithfulness.
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december 2018 by mtimms
Lukasevangeliet – Bibeln
34Var på er vakt så att inte era sinnen fördunklas av omåttlighet och dryckenskap och livets bekymmer, annars överraskas ni av den dagen 35som av en snara, för den skall komma över alla som bor på jorden. 36Håll er vakna hela tiden och be att ni får kraft att undfly det som väntar och kan stå upprätta inför Människosonen.”
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september 2018 by benjekman
In Heaven as It Is on Earth: The Social and Ethical Dimensions of Higher and Lower Levels of Salvation - ProQuest
In Heaven as It Is on Earth: The Social and Ethical Dimensions of Higher and Lower Levels of Salvation
Kocar, Alexander. Princeton University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2016. 10010818.
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june 2018 by benjekman

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