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A TikTok star with 880,000 followers breaks down how she earns money and how much she makes | Usa news site
21-year-old college student Salina, known as “Salinakilla” online, began uploading videos to TikTok about four months ago and now has 882,000 followers. She expects to hit 1 million soon.
From her success on TikTok, Salina told Business Insider that she now earns enough revenue to treat her account like a part-time job.
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yesterday by jeromekatz
Queer Closet Fashions Supportive Community on Campus : SLU
"One major issue in the queer community involves the expression of gender," senior Regis Wilson, past president of the Rainbow Alliance and Queer Closet co-organizer, said. "Many individuals question their gender and how best to express it at an affordable cost. One way we thought of bridging that gap was Queer Closet. With this resource, gender queer, questioning, androgynous and transsexual individuals can experiment with their gender expression." 
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12 days ago by jeromekatz
Democrats More Positive About Socialism Than Capitalism
Compares Americans attitudes toward big business vs. Small business
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13 days ago by jeromekatz
Lean Canvas – a Tool Your Startup Needs Instead of a Business Plan | Railsware Blog
Excellent basic comparison of business model canvas and lean canvas, with build-out of the lean canvas.
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24 days ago by jeromekatz
Operating Model Canvas – The Operating Model Canvas tool is about high-level operating models.
What is on this site? (1) This page – describes Operating Model Canvas – The tool, The book and The toolbox, (2) Inside the book – displays foreword, endorsements, contents page, author bios and sample pages, (3) Blog – offers many articles on operating models, business models, operating model tools and how to do operating model work, (4) Resources – contains videos, Powerpoint slides, published articles, suggested reading, the enhanced business model canvas, etc
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28 days ago by jeromekatz
Best advice for achieving financial independence: Mr. Money Mustache - Business Insider
"Every time you contemplate buying a new pair of shoes or a fancy bottle of wine or a shiny new pickup truck, you are building the walls of that maze a little higher and thicker," he said. "Every time you learn a new skill or solve a problem without spending too much money or get outside for a walk, you are tearing those same walls down."
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4 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Team Management Platform to Manage Any Work & Any team | helps startup teams plan together more efficiently and execute projects that deliver results on time. Its ease of use and flexibility means fast onboarding and the ability to manage your projects your way. Collaborate on anything, see who’s doing what and when, know where things stand, and communicate in the context of any project when your team uses
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4 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Stanford Technology Ventures Program : Principled Entrepreneurial Action and Knowledge
The Principled Entrepreneurial Action and Knowledge (PEAK) initiative prioritizes applied ethics in entrepreneurship education. PEAK is an educational collaboration led by Stanford University, Duke University and the University of St. Thomas.

It’s time to start teaching applied ethics.
esb7  ch3  ETHICS  stanford 
4 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Teaching Principled Entrepreneurship | Stanford eCorner
Find self-reflective case study protagonists, consider your terminology, go beyond crisis management, cast a wide net for students, model respectful yet pointed debate. They’d been spurred along by Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates and author of the bestselling book Principles, who spent hours of class time working one-on-one with students as they tried to capture actionable guidelines for their future personal and professional behavior. (The principles in Dalio’s own book range from “Be radically open-minded and radically transparent” to “Never allow the idea meritocracy to slip into anarchy.”)
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4 weeks ago by jeromekatz
WeWork's toxic phone booths were created in-house by its 'Powered by We' business | Fresh News Now
WeWork plans to do more tests on phone booths after discovering thousands of them contained the potentially harmful chemical formaldehyde, according to an email seen by Business Insider. The toxic phone booths were designed internally by WeWork and built by a contract manufacturer in China, multiple sources told us. WeWork did not have detailed supply chain management systems in place to determine where the Chinese vendor sourced its materials, these people say.
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4 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Pitch Deck Guide: Templates and Examples for Pitching to Investors
Here are the four most common types of decks:
The Problem-Solution Deck
The Vision-Opportunity Deck
The Team Deck
The Traction Deck
The most commonly used pitch deck template is the Problem-Solution Deck, which is ideal for founders with especially unique solutions to widespread problems. 

All four frameworks contain the same informational points, organized in different ways. A variety of templates exist online and can be modified to meet your needs. However, don’t be afraid to venture outside of existing formats, so long as you're including necessary information.
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5 weeks ago by jeromekatz
What Actually Happens After You Raise Money | DocSend
For this post, I’m going to go through all the things we had to figure out after we closed our first round of real funding (it’s a long list). In late 2013, we closed $1.7m from a fantastic group of investors including SoftTech, Cowboy, Lerer, and angels. In no particular order, here is the list of things we needed to figure out after closing and who we now use now.
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5 weeks ago by jeromekatz
B2B Branding: The Ultimate Guide to Build a Brand in 2019 | Growmodo
10 steps to building a brand: Start With “WHY”
Understand That Design Matters
Be Consistent, So People Recognize You
Tell An Engaging Brand Story
Be Authentic!
Know Where You Are At
Use Influencer Marketing
Leverage Partnerships
Use Guerrilla Marketing And Go Viral
Focus More On Providing Value Than Selling
esb7  ch9  brand  branding  how-to  guide 
6 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Customer Profile Template 2019: The Ultimate Guide [Free Download]
How to fill it out, describes 3 kinds of fit, also gives an "ideal customer framework" for targeting the most profitable customers.
esb7  ch9  customer  customerdevelopment  profile  customerprofile 
6 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Customer-Centric Website Design: A Beginner's Guide | Growmodo
Nobody cares about your product or services. Everything they are interested in is what you can do for them. The business that wins the battle to prove they know what the customer needs and they’re able to fulfil those needs will win the sale and boost their bottom line.

You need to be that business.
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6 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Customer Profile Template 2019: The Ultimate Guide [Free Download]
The Complete Customer Profile Toolbox and how-to guide. Get everything you need to determine and create your ideal customer profile in the next 24 hours and start boosting retention & revenue.
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6 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Marketing Automation for the Whole Customer Lifecycle
With, send targeted emails, push notifications, and SMS to lower churn, create stronger relationships, and drive subscriptions.
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6 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Entrepreneur: Is Your Business Idea Good? Here's How to Find Out
Product market fit, how to find it, & 3 it's to ask for scaling.
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7 weeks ago by jeromekatz

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