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Half of disability benefits appeals won in tribunal court - BBC News
"The DWP tend to base their decision purely on these assessments and disregard other evidence sent in by the claimant.

"However, tribunals will weigh up all the available evidence and talk to the claimant further, which enables them to make much more reasoned and balanced decisions."
DWP  Universal  Credit  Privatisation  ESA  PIP  Disabled  disability  NHS  welfare  state  Austerity 
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Capita benefits assessor 'laughed' at disabled woman - BBC News
Capita paid the women money. Hush money. Wow. - I had a visit from my benefits assessor – and now I fear the state more than poverty
DWP  Capita  ESA  PIP  disabled  WCA  Austerity  Privatisation 
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Government forced into U-turn over disability benefits for chronically ill | Society | The Guardian
Sick claimants were wrongly denied benefits because they were not taking powerful painkillers
DWP  WCA  ESA  Disabled  Universal  Credit  Austerity  Privatisation 
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Debris from the first Ariane V launch - does anyone know what these bits are from? Launcher or payload?
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Ariane 5 fly-back booster design, part of the reusable launcher study circa 1991
Ariane5  ESA  from twitter_favs
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ESA spacecraft dodges potential collision with Starlink satellite - Sep 2019
"The European Space Agency said Sept. 2 it maneuvered one of its Earth science satellites to avoid a potential collision with a SpaceX Starlink satellite, the first time the agency said it’s had to maneuver to avoid a satellite associated with a broadband megaconstellation."

“The case just showed that, in the absence of traffic rules and communication protocols, collision avoidance has to rely on the pragmatism of the involved operators,” Krag said. “This is done today by exchange of emails. Such a process is not viable any longer with the increase of space traffic.”

"While ESA sounded worried about the close approach, others in the industry were nonplussed by the attention it received. "
SpaceNews  SpaceX  Starlink  ESA  space-debris  space-junk 
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Capita in U-turn over claimant death case - BBC News
A benefit assessment company that threatened legal action to reverse "reputational damage" after a claimant died has dropped its case.
Capita has now decided not to contest the judgement and has apologised "for any additional distress".

Her mother, Susan Kemlo, pursued legal action against the firm for maladministration and was awarded £10,000.

On Tuesday, Capita said it stood by its employee and argued it did not have a chance to defend itself, leading to "significant reputational damage".

In a U-turn, the company said on Thursday it had "considered this exceptional case on an individual basis [and] decided not to contest the original default judgement".
DWP  Capita  WCA  ESA  PIP  Disabled  NHS  Austerity  Privatisation  disability  prejudice  bigotry 
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Capita seeks to reverse 'reputational damage' after death of claimant - BBC News
Every Pip case undertaken by Unite members in Stoke-on-Trent with the specific health care professional in Victoria's case has been overturned by the social security tribunals.
Capita  PIP  disabled  disability  NHS  Austerity  rationing  ESA  mental  health  chronic  condition  sickcare 
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