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Temporary DNS error for Microsoft edge with Error Code: - Microsoft Community
Temporary DNS error for Microsoft edge with Error Code: INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND
Microsoft_edge  DNS  error 
4 hours ago by madnaut
Shira Mitchell on Twitter: "survey error:… "
Good figure from adapted from Groves 2009 (Survey Methodology 2ed) on different sources of error - immediately applicable for ML
surveys  statistics  error  ml  teaching  ethics  bias 
19 hours ago by stevenbedrick
linux - C++ error: undefined reference to 'clock_gettime' and 'clock_settime' - Stack Overflow |
Got this error building MySQL 5.6 from source (in the 'libmysql' subdirectory) and this seemed to fix i: add '-lrt' to the end of '-DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS=' command line option when initially running 'cmake'.
Add -lrt to the end of g++ command line. This links in the "Real Time" shared library.
build  toolchain  compiler  error  mysqlclient  mysql  solution 
5 days ago by kme
analytics-android/ at master · segmentio/analytics-android
The hassle-free way to add analytics to your Android app. - segmentio/analytics-android
segment  error  attribution 
7 days ago by lgtout
Attribution Tracking: Disable by default and log less verbose. · Issue #533 · segmentio/analytics-android
I got this issue, the event is send to Segment but I got this error into the console android E/Analytics: Unable to track attribution information. Retrying on next launch.
segment  error  attribution 
7 days ago by lgtout
AppSignal blog: The latest on everything AppSignal
AppSignal Blog: Product updates and things we've learned while building AppSignal
monitoring  error  appsignal  blog  elixir  programming  ruby 
7 days ago by xer0x

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