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GitHub - alertlogic/erllambda: AWS Lambda in Erlang
AWS Lambda in Erlang. Contribute to alertlogic/erllambda development by creating an account on GitHub.
aws  lambda  erlang 
6 days ago by geetarista
Universal Server
Send a function to a server and have it become a server. Conceptually, how to do remote updates to a system.
Elixir  Erlang  SoftwareEngineering 
11 days ago by deanc
AtomVM: how to run Elixir code on a 3 $ microcontroller
AtomVM is a tiny portable virtual machine that allows BEAM code to run on microcontrollers with less than 500KB of RAM such as the ESP32. So what does it mean? In few words you can flash AtomVM on an…
elixir  erlang  vm  esp32  embedded  microcontroller 
11 days ago by gilberto5757

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