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There’s a couple of libraries (like actor.js) out there that bring the actor model to JavaScript and don’t spin up a worker for every actor but put multiple actors on the same thread. I haven’t played around with them, but the support distributing actors across multiple WebWorkers seems to be lacking.
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8 minutes ago by janpeuker
Erlang and Akka Actors–A Story of Tradeoffs
Pranav Rao discusses how BEAM differs from Akka actors implemented over the JVM and how design decisions can affect performance.
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yesterday by jessedavis
A productive web framework that does not compromise speed and maintainability.
phoenix  framework  erlang  elixir  web  programming 
2 days ago by vicchow
Elixir RAM and the Template of Doom – Evan Miller
The data structure is called an I/O list. It’s designed to leverage writev, and thus to minimize data copies when writing to disk or to the network. Most languages wipe out the original string and copy the whole thing over, but they’re missing out on a whole class of no-copy (and late-copy) performance optimizations.
elixir  erlang  performance 
7 days ago by nicolashery

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