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President Trump Shares Anti-Obama Eclipse Meme |
Semiotic misfire. Language is bigger than we are.

> The President's opponents are not above just this kind of semiotic misfire.
meme  semiotics  erhetoric 
august 2017 by mcmorgan
Context, Commentary, and Close Reading: What Slate’s Annotated “Bartelby” Can Tell Us About Reading and Writing with Digital Annotation
> the already-annotated text (like Kahn’s “Bartelby”) is good for some kinds of reading, but not others. Specifically, while digital annotation overcomes some of the barriers to readerly engagement with a complex text, like lack of historical knowledge and interpretive experience, it also short-circuits the kind of intensive or “close” reading traditionally valued in literary studies. But the process of annotation modeled here helps productively deconstruct the writing/reading dichotomy, at the same time activating both close and contextual reading. “Bartelby” offers a useful model for how digital annotation tools and practices can be productively used in the writing classroom.
notetaking  annotation  erhetoric 
july 2016 by mcmorgan
Language Log » Gertrude Trump
There is Trump is channeling Gertrude Stein in his prose but there is no there there.
erhetoric  rhetoric  modernism 
june 2016 by mcmorgan
Transmission Model of Communication
David Chandler critiques Shannon and Weaver's model as it has been used in common culture. Not merely mostly harmless. "In short, the transmissive model is of little direct value to social science research into human communication, and its endurance in popular discussion is a real liability. Its reductive influence has implications not only for the commonsense understanding of communication in general, but also for specific forms of communication such as speaking and listening, writing and reading, watching television and so on. In education, it represents a similarly transmissive model of teaching and learning. And in perception in general, it reflects the naive 'realist' notion that meanings exist in the world awaiting only decoding by the passive spectator. In all these contexts, such a model underestimates the creativity of the act of interpretation."
communication  Dh  erhetoric 
december 2015 by mcmorgan
Re-imagining Twitter
Example of how making it complex changes its potential. There's nothing intuitive about categories and stories: they are social concepts imported to bootstrap connection. What they do is make contextual information explicit rather than implicit. That adds to what can be carried by 140 characters. Ease of use gives way to augmentation. The link to lowercase capital in the subhead of the article is both a prominent move and a declaration of alignment (calling attention to itself *because* it's in the subhead). If we make it more complex, more people will use it!
twitter  erhetoric  augmentation  socialmedia  socialpractices 
june 2015 by mcmorgan
Hashtags Hammer Grammar (or Not) – Lingua Franca=
This is more a remark on the rhetorical use of the hashtag in tweets than the grammatical construction of it - and that's at the center of the "It follows no rules!" whinge. It does, but they are rhetorical guidelines, not grammatical rules.

Glad I cleared up that problem.
erhetoric  hashtags  categorization 
january 2015 by mcmorgan
Startup Board Decks: Free Templates from VCs | NextView Venture
how one VC defines the rhet sit for entrepreneurs. it's socilizaion, not education. On, let's be frank: it's a Trojan horse, a way of trying to control the agenda.
rhetoric  erhetoric  business  venture_capltalism 
august 2014 by mcmorgan
How Bill Gates pulled off the swift Common Core revolution - The Washington Post
The money and denial of politicizing are interesting, but the lead in are the rhetorical "tool kits" of form letters and emails for homogenizing the rhetorical movement.
erhetoric  rhetoricalvelocity 
june 2014 by mcmorgan
The Anatomy of the Perfect Blog Post
It's a sure thing. It's based on Science. Consider what perfect means here: SEO ranking and shareable. Still, this is one of the rare how-tos that build in sharing and skimming to the reading. It helps us see the genre, and get a sense of how commodification drives it.
rhetoric  wcw  wcwexample  erhetoric  techwriting  lists  perfection 
may 2014 by mcmorgan
Secrets to Success with Email Autoresponders
A consideration of the rhet sit on the edge of spamming. Articles like these open up the reasoning of the rhetors while concealing their motivation.
erhetoric  persuasion  persuasive_technologies 
may 2014 by mcmorgan
How to make your posts stand out on the Web: The complete guide to social media formatting
One gigantic tip: CALL ATTENTION BY SHOUTING. Then collapse in defeat when you're ignored like Chicken Little.
dh  erhetoric 
february 2014 by mcmorgan

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