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Amazon's Sick High-End Kindle Got a Serious Overhaul
When Amazon released the Kindle Oasis back in the spring of 2016, we said it was the best e-reader ever made. But that doesn’t mean it was perfect, and in the year and half since it came out, it’s become clear there was room for improvement. With a starting price of $290, the old Oasis was a bit pricey, it had a blocky (and now outdated) design and it was missing features like the adaptive backlighting found on the even older Kindle Voyage. And despite having a name that immediately conjures up visions of pools and fountains, the previous Oasis didn’t have any sort of water-resistance either. But now, Amazon is giving it another go with the simply (and annoyingly) named New Kindle Oasis, which looks to address all those shortcomings while also adding a number of new improvements too.
october 2017 by myflatworld
Sony and reMarkable’s dueling e-paper tablets are strange but impressive beasts | TechCrunch
Poor paper. It's in that ironic category where those who love it the most are the ones trying their hardest to replace it. Case in point: Sony and reMarkable,..
october 2017 by myflatworld
Kindle Voyage e-reader –’s Official Site – Learn More
Kindle Voyage is passionately crafted for readers, with a high-resolution 300 ppi display, PagePress for effortless page turns, and an adaptive front light. Learn More.
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september 2017 by myflatworld
Library Simplified · Home
"eBook Readers

Let's face it, who knows books better than librarians? Let librarian-based recommendations lead you to your next great read with easy to navigate, browse-able eBook collections in the palm of your hand. The public library in your pocket...too cool!

Tired of DRM and customer log-in schemes used to sell you more stuff? Simply enter your library card number once, and start reading, from your library, for free. If you don't have a library card…just sign up for one with the app!

Just open the book (not another app) to read, and enjoy the full story. Library Simplified uses the next generation of eBook technology and digital rights management (DRM) technology to make reading on your phone or tablet simple and convenient.

Join the community of libraries and citizen coders seeking to improve eBooks from libraries. Built with maximum use of open source software, open specifications and standards based technologies. Lean more here

Wether you are a single library system, a state library or a consortium of libraries, the platform can be configured and scaled to meet your needs. The multi-tenant architecture allows mulitple libraries to exist in a single instance.

We, too, follow the principles of Readers First. Libraries need solutions built to work with numerous technology systems and service providers of eBooks. Our Open Architectures allow for easy integration into your library systems.


Integrated Library System and Metadata Providers

The platform is integrated into multiple Integrated Library System (ILS) platforms through the use of APIs, SIP or SIP2 service interfaces. This provides ready integration into multiple ILS products such as Millennial, Sierra, Polaris, Virtua, Destiny, Symphony and open source systems such as Evergreen and Koha. To enhance metadata we can work with open interfaces into VIAF and Linked Data from OCLC as well as recommendations services such as Novelist Select from EBSCO.

Ebook Distributors

The platform supports a number of ebook distribution services such as Overdrive and Overdrive Advantage, Bibliotheca Cloud Library, Access 360, RBDigital, Biblioboard, Califa's Enki Library service,, Plympton books and Project Gutenberg."
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september 2017 by robertogreco

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