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How the 0.001% invest
transformed as billionaires get richer and cut out the middlemen by
creating their own “family offices”, personal investment firms that roam
global markets looking for opportunities. Largely unnoticed, family offices
have become a force in investing, with up to $4trn of assets—more than
hedge  funds  and  equivalent  to  6%  of  the  value  of  the  world’s  stockmarkets. 
4 days ago by apexmoney
GitHub - rogerwcpt/python-linq-samples: Comparision of C# Linq functional programming to Python
Comparision of C# Linq functional programming to Python - rogerwcpt/python-linq-samples
c#  linq  python  equivalent 
january 2019 by gilberto5757
38 Wonderful Foreign Words We Could Use in English | Mental Floss
Sometimes we must turn to other languages to find le mot juste. Here are a whole bunch of foreign words with no direct English equivalent.
concept  english  language  foreign  culture  equivalent  list 
may 2018 by eugenexxv
What concepts do not exist in the English language? - culture theory | Ask MetaFilter
Carl Honoré (In Praise of Slow) says Canada's Baffin Island Inuit "use the same word—'uvatiarru'—to mean both 'in the distant past' and 'in the distant future.' Time, in such cultures, is always coming as well as going." In an essay by Louise Edrich (Two Languages in Mind, but Just One in the Heart), she writes about learning Ojibwemownin and how "nouns are mainly desginated as alive or dead, animate or inanimate...once I began to think of stones as animate, I started to wonder whether I was picking up a stone or it was putting iteslf in my hand." I'm fascinated by language reflecting culture and vice versa. Any reference you've run across in passing or even know about as a multi-lingual MeFite is welcome. Moreover, if English isn't your primary language, what words/concepts made you take pause?
concept  culture  english  language  foreign  equivalent 
may 2018 by eugenexxv

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