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A crap analogy – Peter Wells – Medium
I was home recently and took my sister’s dog for a walk. When we were young we had dogs, Spud and Gyp, so it was a walk I’d taken before. A few things had changed. One was that there was less dog…
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7 days ago by jackhardinges
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Big companies are pushing governments around
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7 days ago by jackhardinges
Allocating Equity in New Ventures: Teaching Materials/References for Karl Ulrich
Talks about the funding process, valuing sweat equity, valuing intellectual property, estimating tasks/effort/allocation among founders, the mechanics of granting equity to individuals, what to do when people don't do what they committed to do, various forms of preference, compensating advisors/directors, and contribution of intangibles.
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9 days ago by jeromekatz
Teaching Materials/References for Karl Ulrich
Great resources for design-driven entrepreneurship courses: Digital Tools For Design, (2)
How Parts Are Made (3) Commercializing A New Product As A Solo Inventor (4) How To Create A Great Product Or Company Name (5) Allocating Equity In New Ventures (6) Cost Rules Video Instructions (7) TA Instructions For Running In Class Tournaments (8) Recommended tool kit for Product Design course (9)Prototyping Resources
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9 days ago by jeromekatz
The Evolution of an Accidental Meme – Craig Froehle – Medium
This is that Medium post that goes over that “Equity vs. Equality” image macro (with the kids standing on different numbers of boxes as they watch a ballgame).
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10 days ago by handcoding
Interopable impact finance
Interopable impact finance
Platform opportunities. For capital track at Transform:Climate, communities and capital.
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11 days ago by Kevindoylejones
This ‘Equity’ picture is actually White Supremacy at work
In a picture-is-worth-1,000-words kind of way, this image simplifies the profound difference between equality and equity. From this picture people have actually begun to understand that treating…
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18 days ago by LProulx

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